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In today’s business, the most significant trend is the dramatic rise in the use of delegation workers across organizations globally. Today, unpredicted work displays itself in many working models, the most standard being staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is the utilization of outside personnel to augment the capacity of your organization for time being. It is a strong tool for any organization’s arsenal. The reason behind its success is the reality that staff augmentation performs. It is an effective way of bridging any existing skills gap within the organization at a fraction of the associated costs, making it a win-win situation for the company.  

Staff augmentation companies in the USA add contractors or consultants to increase their output as required to meet their business objectives. Staff augmentation is incredibly common. The global staffing industry, one of the primary suppliers of staff augmentation talent, netted $490 billion in 2019 in annual spending. The other advent of staff augmentation talent is freelancing. Newly, freelancing has achieved traction via the rise of global freelance platforms. It is evaluated that in the US 34% percent of employees work as freelancers today, and that number is expected to rise steadily over the next decade.  

Why Choose Right Staff Augmentation Model?

Staff augmentation services are highly in demand within the technology sector. Rapidly changing workforce culture with a rise in the gig economy poses significant challenges to the industry. IT industry has an attrition percentage upwards of 40%, and the staff augmentation model assists in offsetting this transition.

Staff augmentation has emerged as a popular for employing a dedicated workforce. Staff outsourcing/ resource augmentation/ FTE/ project outsourcing/ resource outsourcing all are the same concept with minor differences in terms of legislation, execution, and cost. Nowadays, many organizations are hiring industry experts with the help of staff Augmentation to fulfill their assertive project needs and deadlines. This method is feasible for employees and employers to work based only on a project. Know several kinds of staff augmentation.  

Types of Staff Augmentation:


Need reliable workers to perform a task in manufacturing or warehouse work, physical labor, and retail, but they don’t require a precise skill set.  


Required certain skills (typing, spreadsheet use, multi-lingual),  


Need more advanced skills that are only attainable via significant training and experience, and level of skill is important.  

When talking about staff augmentation, there are several ways it can help your business strive.  

Benefits of Staff Augmentation:

High Level of Productivity:

The staff augmentation model increases your team's productivity; as the developers, you hire focus entirely on your project. They work as a dedicated team, involved in your project's details and treating it as their one.  

IP Rights Security:

As the augmented team starts to work on your project, you have all the rights over the development of your project. Similarly, your augmented team members adhere to your company's policy within the contract terms.  

No Extra Expenses:

You do not have to pay additional costs for office rent, social benefits, equipment purchases, etc. Thus, with much fewer expenditures, you can hire better experts that would meet your requirements.  

Staff Augmentation is a solution for the issue of acute personnel shortage, especially in the IT sphere.  

When to Opt Staff Augmentation?

Launching a Side Project:

If you suddenly decide to launch a side project, however, you realize there is a shortage of resources in your talent market. In such a case, an industry-leading staff augmentation firm can be an effective instrument to attract new talents, with particular knowledge.  

Outsourcing Model:

The outsourcing model has a remote team that functions with specific tasks autonomously. The team augmentation model specifies that your remote team handles like a part of your in-house team, with whom you can communicate straight and daily.  

On Short-Term Projects:

 Staff augmentation better suits short-term projects when you have to achieve a particular amount of work within tight deadlines.  

Need to Launch Quickly:

For an effectual business approach, specific companies prefer team augmentation when they desire to cut the time-to-market time, invent a possible product within tight deadlines (Minimum viable product), launch a startup, and find a user-oriented solution.  


Revamping an ongoing project or kick-starting a new project, both of these require a well-thought-out process to serve as a base for successful execution. If you are searching for staff augmentation with software developers for a project, your hunt has brought you to the right place.

Hire our already vetted in-house team of talented developers who will be the solutions architects for your software development projects. Get all the benefits that come with an in-house team at a fraction of the associated costs.  

Get in touch with our team and receive the best lookout for your project and company.

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