IBM Full Stack Software Developer

Our full stack developers use the latest tools and technologies to deliver state-of-the-art software.


Number of Projects

CSM experts are responsible for ensuring that software components are expertly build within projects.


Number of Consultants

Our consultants are available 24/7 to deploy best-of-breed solutions.


Years of Experience

CSM excelled in IBM stack with 20 years of experience.

More Insights

IBM Cloud Services

Our experts use IBM services to create, manage, run and deploy various types of applications for the public cloud, as well as for local or on-premises environments.

IBM IT Managed Services

Our industry-leading team specializes in high quality delivery of IBM IT Managed Services to ensure your enterprise remains on track for success.

IBM Database Management

Our IBM database management specialists empowers businesses to improve outcomes using any data for analytics.

IBM Software Development Framework

Our developers are highly proficient and effective in IBM Software Development Framework and gain key business differentiators and competitive advantages.

CSM's IBM Full Stack Developer

Our experts build and manage a range of applications for local or on-premises systems as well as for the public cloud using IBM tech stack.

Sanjay Kumar Bhanja

Data Scientist

Sanjay is responsible for developing and maintaining applications using the IBM stack of technologies for building web, mobile, and cloud-based applications.

Rajesh Kumar Nayak

Senior Data Egineer

Extensive experience in designing and building scalable, reliable, and secure applications using a range of IBM technologies and best practices.

Sudip Kumar

Technical Architect

Strong understanding of the various tools and platforms within the IBM stack and am adept at using them to deliver exceptional results for my clients

Improve Productivity across Best Teams of IBM Stack

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We provide enterprises a method to evolve to agile over time across multiple teams and functions.


Digital Leap In Mining With Connected Solutions

An automated system for mineral management can help achieve pit-to-port optimization, enhancing productivity, streamlining processes and strengthening regulatory oversight.


Seamless Mining Rights to Unlock More Value

An integrated system that automates the entire mining concession life cycle, starting from mineral exploration and culminating with mine closure.


i3MS: Integrated Mines & Minerals Management System

Minerals being a major natural resource represent the wealth of a region where they exists and open up wide scopes for the prosperity of the region.

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