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Nirakar Mallick

Program Manager

Java program manager with 15 years of experience in enterprise-level java software development.

Manish Kumar Jena

Project Manager

With 17 years of expertise managing various software development projects, including JPA, Android, spring, Hibernate, MVC.

Kedarnath Mohanta

Technical Architect

A gifted specialist who focuses on Solution Architecture for Java development in a variety of business sectors.

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The satellite analytics collates, visualizes, and analyzes agricultural yield data captured during the agricultural season for patterns, registration anomalies, crop patterns, and procurement predictions.


Social Registry

A unified, Interoperable Citizens’ Database that act a single source of truth for Government Schemes


Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection System

The end to end automation of the certification process, helps to centrally manage and co-ordinate the whole transaction for seed quality sustainability.

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