Facilitating Strategic Decision-Making

CSM’s tech led suite of Susten is a great enabler for government to achieve its aspirational goals set in alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The Susten product stack has great features powered by data analytics, visualization and dash boarding facilitating strategic decision-making by the government with the support of performance mapping reports, trend and predictive analysis. This would enable countries easily track performances of the schemes and plan better.

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Social Registry

A one-stop data repository system that identifies and authenticates beneficiaries for various government schemes for better planning and enhanced service delivery ecosystem of the state and country. This unified interoperable citizen’s database enrols citizen data (Families and individuals) with demographic and socio-economic details and helps to detect, duplication, fraud and redundancies while taking care of data privacy and security.

Managing Beneficiary
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Sustainability Compliance

The Sustainability Compliance system is a great tech enabler and an efficient monitoring tool that support national and state governments in their efforts to monitor and report on progress toward the SDGs. This analytics tool provides an efficient framework for management, facilitate oversight of responsibilities, and accountability complying with the SDG at the global, country and regional levels.

Bettering The World
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