With the growth of technology, our lives are gaining better and more effortless to deliver things, and Information Technology (IT) is no compromise to the said. From hiring developers and business intelligence experts to driving service delivery and long-term customer retention, IT staff augmentation gets you covered with accuracy and quality as utilizing in-house workers may not be the only choice. Globalization has streamlined it even further in software development. According to recent research, the IT Staffing Solutions industry earned $140 billion in revenue the previous year and is anticipated to hit a record high of $180 billion this year. The Importance of IT Staff Augmentation Services are like- 


  • Company Liability- The company is not legally liable for the work of remote developers 


  • Transparency- Maximum outsourcing businesses demand a price every month for providing a developer. This price is made of two types: the cost of providing the services and the real payment. 


  • Data Protection- While hiring remotely, you must sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the staffing agency to safeguard your intellectual property. Since remote programmers work full-time, and they are not capable enough to misuse confidential data. 

Let’s know the need for IT Staff augmentations services. 


Need of Staff Augmentation Solutions:  

Staff augmentation is a renowned business method in which companies employ professionals to help them attain short-term business goals or complete projects. Some points below can define the need for Staff augmentation for business growth.


  • Accelerate the growth of the business: IT Staffing Solutions is a fluid process. There is no time limit for hiring developers. You can replace permanent staff as needed. The staff augmentation services save extra expenses associated with permanent employment, such as health insurance and provident funds. Moreover, this shuts the skills gap between demand and supply. As a result, this facilitates on-the-go hiring benefits for both businesses and individuals.


  • Provides you with a competitive advantage: Staff augmentation enables you to capitalize on certain skill sets. Companies avoid incurring remarkable expenses when hiring experts on a project-by-project ground since they pay for expertise for the complete duration of the project. For example - To develop an iOS app, instead of keeping a full-time developer team, you can just hire an iPhone app developer for that particular project. Due to the extra domain-specific proficiency, skill-specific expertise provides a competitive benefit over others. With such a pool of talent, businesses may develop into new areas. It is a win-win situation for businesses since they obtain the greatest talent for a quarter of the price.


  • Enhance the efficiency of business processes:  Businesses suffer significant operating costs with a low rate of return on investment, particularly during lean times. IT Staff Augmentation Companies provide adaptable work environments that boost operational efficiency. By partnering with IT Staff Augmentation Services, you may lessen the infrastructure costs associated with implementing procedures in a new setting by having outsourced workers work remotely or on-site. Staff augmentation Services reduce operating and hiring expenditures, transforming them into profits.


  • Consultative and less transactional: An IT Staff Augmentation Services’ primary purpose is to recognize a workforce that is an energetic, skillful, and perfect match for your business. Rather than being commercial, they go above in hand-picking people who will serve your firm for a long duration. 


  • Firms are always in command: At all times, firms keep control over both management and task. Staff augmentation is not the exact as project outsourcing, which concerns the transfer of the entire project to an independent unit. By outsourcing using staff augmentation, you can maintain control of the management. With administrative control, companies may develop projects as they prefer. 


  • Adapt and Grow: Expand business without making permanent hires. And, if you wish to take benefit of current market results and grow your business without executing the danger of drowning investment, staff augmentation is the route to go.


  • Recruiting on a project-by-project cause allows fresh avenues of extension and market approval testing. Another element of flexible hiring is adaptability. As the market need is changing, millennials develop new skills and abilities regularly. Businesses being unfit to adjust to such developments will ultimately collapse. Staff augmentation is beneficial since it increases businesses to more responsive. 



IT staff augmentation has gone far beyond its beginning. It is now widely considered a feasible alternative staffing paradigm. Firms gain from dynamic hiring and quickly and cost-effectively utilizing developers' skills with an intense skill set. 

As an IT business, utilizing the services of an external recruitment firm should be part of your product development plan. These companies will capitalize on their capability to recognize the greatest resource for you. Augmentation will assist in saving lots of time, effort, and money implicated in hiring. 

Bhagyashree Nanda

Communication Executive

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