Companies are estimated to spend close to 6.8 trillion USD on digital transformation between 2020 and 2023. This shift in the digital economy is only possible with a sound “digital core of ERP” that drives high operational and process efficiency and serves as the foundation for emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Advanced Analytics. CSM’s ERP Service Stack leverages open source ERP platforms to achieve high productivity, scalability, cost efficiency & operational optimization for customers.


How We Work

At CSM, we are open to bringing your legacy business processes to the new platform or re-engineering & simplifying processes based on latest technological innovations. Following a Configure First approach, we first conduct a thorough system study to understand the fitment of existing modules to satisfy the client requirement. A clear definition of the project scope with tangible milestones and usability test scenarios is laid out. Beyond configuration of standard features, bespoke development is taken up only for good reasons. Data harmonization, cleansing and migration activities can also be taken up as a part of the scope.

Areas of Work

Our ERP stack aims to bring great value to the organization in terms of employee empowerment, customer engagement, operational optimization, product & service delivery transformation, and process re-engineering for efficiency. In addition to configuring the core modules of ERP (as highlighted in the below figure), we also offer additional services such as migrating to cloud, integrating ERP with other legacy systems, and making ERP mobile-friendly. We also assist organizations in risk proofing their systems from cyber security risks and utilizing data generated from ERP for business insights.




Our ERP Offerings cater to bring great value to the organization.

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