Making of a Food Secure Odisha

“Making of a Food Secure Odisha: Converging Transparency, Technology & Teamwork for Time- Bound Transformation”, is a first of its kind publication which establishes Odisha as a model state for food security in India with its inspiring story of transformation documented in this book. It is a stellar example living up to Hon'ble CM's promise "No poor man should be deprived of right to food".

Nationally, Odisha stands at 4th position and procures almost 9.36% of the total paddy procured in the country. Firmly committed to a Zero Hunger world enshrined in Sustainable Development Goals, Odisha has come a long way from a food deficit state to a surplus state and charted a success story of its own.

Ranked as one of the best states in minimizing leakage in food chain (less than 20 percent, India's best - as per study done by economist Jean Dreze), the state has been successful in the application of emerging technology such as data management (for NFSA beneficiary management) and blockchain (for immutability of important records like receipts issued to farmers or millers by societies).

The book is an exclusive compendium of the digital journey which speaks how Odisha has solved the twin purpose of food security to vulnerable & income support to agri economy. It narrates the metamorphosis of the eastern state in guaranteeing food security to its citizens. Through its grit and commitment to the cause of its people, the State took up the initiative to transform the entire food security chain– procurement, transportation, storage and distribution of food grains.

This publication is a product of active collaboration of CSM Technologies, a thought leader in Govtech space and the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department of the Government of Odisha. The book will take you through the unparalleled endeavor undertaken in terms of policy interventions, creation of leakage proof distribution system based on our 5Ts (transparency, technology, teamwork, time and transformation) with technological intervention to ensure seamless food supply.

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