One of the key tenants of Food Security is the ability to have a robust supply chain. This is only possible when there is a system that tracks both the supply and demand sides of ecosystem. Key to the supply side of the equation is the need to have a registry of all the food producers in that region. This includes the ability to not only have the name and address but also the need to have a clear understanding of the land they hold and the crops they grow. This also helps on the various interventions needed during the Pre-Harvest processes.

For emerging economies, the ability to provide food security is fraught with various gaps in the system. They include the ability to procure agricultural produce from the farmers (read about how our system helps in the process here) , managing the supply chain (read more here and making the system as transparent as possible.

Producer Registry is one such technology intervention that helps various agencies and organizations to build a database of all the producers in their area of operations. From who they are, to what they produce and how much they can produce, provide a viable forecast of produce for a season or a year. This database, so has the ability to talk to and integrate with other public databases, like land records, weather forecast and Agri Intelligence Systems can help both the procurement agencies in estimating the requirements of the entire value chain and for various government agencies to also have a validated database of producers who can be part of their various welfare programs.

In order to make the above seamless, the product has the following modules:

Our Farmer Registration System addresses the need of having an authenticated farmer database, with special focus on small marginal farmers. Through integration with land record database, the system automatically removes middlemen and identifies small marginal farmers. The system also facilitates direct fund transfer to beneficiaries.
Digitization Module - CSM Technologies

Digitization Module

This is the first step in the process. The farmers & sharecroppers, register their demographics, land holdings and bank details. This system generates unique identification numbers for producers in state.

Land Verification Module - CSM Technologies

Land Verification Module

The land records entered are auto verified against an available digitized land records database. If the same is not available, the module has a manual verification process available as well. This verified data can also be seamlessly be mapped to multiple other products, like the Procurement System & the Supply Chain Systems as well.

Bank Verification Module - CSM Technologies

Bank Verification Module

The bank records, entered by the farmers are verified with the banks via an automated system. Depending on country, the same can be linked through their Identification numbers. In India, the Aadhar Number is used to verify bank details.

Planning & Forecasting Module - CSM Technologies

Planning & Forecasting Module

The above data is presented to the end users procurement agencies, government departments and food processing units as customized MIS reports that can be used for both planning forecasting the availability of farm produce for each of the stakeholders.

Farmer Registration & Verification Module - CSM Technologies Farmer Registration & Verification Module - CSM Technologies

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