There are multiple factors that influence a good harvest. The quality of soil, the temperature, and availability of water, fertilizers and most importantly, the seeds used. Providing the best variety of seed to the producers and farmers is critical part of the food production value chain. One of the biggest issues with farm yield has been the non-availability of good quality seeds. Low quality seeds not only lead to less yield per hectare of land, the quality of the produce is also substandard. Plus the constant threat of diseases and pests is also a constant challenge.

Seed Certification is an internationally recognized system that helps in the preservation of genetic purity and identity of seeds. It is legally sanction by most countries and is one of the most recognized quality control systems that ensure that the seeds are both of good stock and also adhere to the set standards for them.

This is of key importance to all the major players in the food industry. From farmers and institutional growers, who get better and pest resistant yields, to procurement agencies who can be assured of the quality of the produce to government bodies and to the major players in the food processing industry, everyone needs to know the quality of the produce they are buying.

To improve the certification process and also bring all the farmers into the system, automation and use of IT plays a crucial role. Enabling the various aspects of the process and making it easily available to the producers is important in ensuring compliance to the certification process. Also the use of technology like Block Chain ensures there is complete transparency in the farm to fork value chain.


Making Seed Certification seamless and improving efficiency and transparency is what makes the Seed Certification System of CSM a game changer. One of the key components of or Agri Tech solution suite, not only does the system provide end to end solution for the certification process, it also has the required tool to ensure all the stakeholders have access to the right information, on demand.

The Seed Certification system has the following modules built in:

CSM has developed a comprehensive Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection system to centrally manage and co-ordinate seed export and import process. The system ensures greater operational autonomy and transparency that leads to a more inclusive approach to key stakeholders such as the seed growers, seed merchants, seed sellers etc.
Seed Certification Module - CSM Technologies

Certification Module

The registration module enables interested producers, who want their seeds to be certified to register and have access to the system.

Seed Producer Module - CSM Technologies

Seed Producer Module

This allows all of the producers who have registered on the certification module, to perform several key function of the certification process, from raising request for field inspections to check for the various parameters laid down for certification or re-inspection, view the reports and also apply for import and export notices.

Seed Distributor Module - CSM Technologies

Seed Distributor Module

This module enables the distributor to receive notifications about registrations and renewals and manage the payments receipts against the same.

Seed Grower Module - CSM Technologies

Seed Grower Module

The seed growing entities receive important notifications through this module as well as allowing them to register, apply for renewals and view inspection reports as well.

Finance Module - CSM Technologies

Finance Module

This enables the registered Producer, Distributor and Grower to manage their fees.

Seed Testing Module - CSM Technologies

Seed Testing Module

This is of key importance to the agencies and institutional producers who want to test the seeds procured and auto generate seed testing reports. Post the test meeting the prescribed parameters, each seed lot is provided a label that identifies its origin and certification.

Registration of Seed Producers Flow - CSM Technologies Registration of Seed Producers Flow - CSM Technologies

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