Public Works Departments all over the world have laid out norms for licensing contactors so they can execute projects such as construction, repair and maintenance of buildings, roads, bridges and other related structures financed from the state. Being a licensed contractor means that the contractor meets the basic minimum specifications mandated in his line of work as legislated by that government. But it is rather difficult to get real time information on the number of contractors getting registered under different classes, as the database of contractors registered under various authorities are decentralized, not in electronic form and do not sufficiently track the performance of contractors.

The system available as both web portal & mobile application is equipped with the following features:

  • License Application: User (both existing license holders as well as applicants for new license) can register themselves through the registration screen where mobile number and email address is to be provided to create unique login ID and credentials. After filling basic details, the page is redirected to the payment gateway post which a form no. is generated.
  • Workflow Management: Covers tagging of contractor to official, verification of contractor credentials & approval of application.
  • Security Deposit Payment: After approval of the license for the new contractor, the approver needs to initiate the security deposit for the issue of license for the respective contractor. The contractor can then pay the security deposit. If the security deposit amount paid is as per government norms, the approver clicks the Approve button.
  • Print/Download the License: After approval of the security deposit amount, the contractor can print or download the license.
  • License Renewal: The applicant can apply for License Renewal by providing the renewal fees.
  • Up gradation of License: The class for which the contractor had registered can be upgraded from one level to the other after satisfying all terms and conditions, providing the necessary documents and payment of the requisite fees for the same.
  • Cancellation of License: The contractor can apply for license cancellation by providing cancellation fee and submitting the license in the department from where it was issued. Then a notification is sent to all the executive engineers in order to know if any work is still pending from the contractor.
  • Partial Modification: If the contractor wants to modify any basic details like address, financial health, asset details etc., then the contractor will have to apply for Partial Modification by providing certain fees.
  • Integration: The application can be integrated with works and accounting management information system and e-procurement contractor business suite.
  • Dashboard and MIS Reports: Various MIS reports and a configurable dashboard will be available in the application to help the officials to gain valuable insights from the application. MIS reports can be taken in contractor wise, issuing authority wise or in any demographic hierarchy.

CSM Technologies is keen on assisting the governments across the world to become more transparent and efficient, by leveraging its vast experience and expertise in developing IT solutions in the public works domain. CSM has a unique portfolio not only in conceptualization and design but also in hands-on implementation of various projects across many African and Asian countries.

As a solution, CSM has developed Contractor Database Management System (CDMS). The main objective for such a system is to have a single, centralized database of contractors in a region and track the performance of any registered contractor as well. This application automates the process of License Issuance and brings transparency in the system.
Contractor Database Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Contractor Database Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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