Large industries interfacing with the other larger bodies including but not limited to government entities, PSU’s, merchants and vendors has been the core of the mineral value chain currently existing in most mining intensive states.

Today, it is estimated that for a standard $10 billion regional mineral economy, about 60-80%* of the total mineral raised are attributed to merchant mining (i.e. mineral raised by a miner is then sold/auctioned to another party who is usually the end-user for the mineral ore). Given the quantum and the value of the mineral ore that exchanges hands and forms a significant part of the mineral economy, a superior and agile customer interfacing is the need of the hour.

In the mining economy, auctions of the saleable ore and its subsequent sale and lifting from the merchant miners remains one of the largest and most lucrative aspect. Based on the existing mineral and mining regime, the auction of the mineral ore may be catered via a centralised system. However, the onus of managing the prospective customer (i.e. the winning bidder) and actual sales lies with the miner and it is taken care once the final price discovery details are passed on.

While the internal working and management of business processes surrounding sales for these large merchant enterprises has evolved over the years through the use of ERP and other large scale IT intervention, customer interfacing and management (which impactsboth small and large enterprises) remains a gap area. In most cases, the customer management and interfacing has been largely driven manually with a generous amount of human intervention. Technological interventions that mining majors have been deploying such as mechanisation of core mining operations, on-field IT-OT convergence such as through the use of stockyard management system, weighbridge automation is in contrast to thelack of solution for coherent and end-to-end interface for managing customers/buyers of the ore saleable. This can be deemed as a noteworthy departure from the overall stated norm for industry 4.0 IT/ICT interventions.

As a part of its suite of products for mining/extractive industry, CSM has developed and successfully deployed bespoke and highly customizable Integrated Customer Management Solution. The solution seamlessly converges and consolidates the complete lifecycle management for customers/buyers to the merchant mining enterprises. The integrated customer management system provides effective and intuitive customer on-boarding process automation, internal Sales status are in real-time sync with the on-field dispatch of the minerals. Round the clock operation of sales, delivery management and sales order management makes up for a reliable system that fulfils the overarching principles of ease of doing business and digital transformation of large enterprises.

The build of the system is scalable and accommodates multi-focal transactions for sales management, ERP syncing and on-field material lifting. The system embodies a seamless experience through seamless transition between pre, post and core mineral ore sales activities through integrations with other systems including mineral auction systems, ERP and ore accounting systems.

Designed for efficiency and superior sales process automation, the system’s unique value proposition embodies the specialized needs of mining industry.


Automation of key process in the mining industry is incomplete without the inclusion of how a mining entity manages its own customer. CSM brings together the core, best practices of customer relationship management and seamlessly fuses it with the specialized requirements of the mining industry to deliver a truly end-to-end and highly Integrable solution for miners across the board.

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