Policies at CSM

Corporate Social Responsibility at CSM

CSM Tech maintains a steadfast dedication to upholding the standards of a responsible corporate entity. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability, strict adherence to ethical business practices, and active engagement with the community. It is imperative to emphasize that this policy applies unequivocally to all of our operations in India.

It delineates the fundamental principles and guidelines that shall govern our conduct in our interactions with our employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and the broader community.


Quality Management at CSM

We, at CSM Tech, commit ourselves to pursue the highest standards of service in global business process outsourcing and software solutions. We pledge to provide the most innovative, cost effective and contemporary services to our clients.

  • Establishing a Quality Management System in the Organization as per International Standards.
  • Setting newer Quality Goals and reviewing them from time to time.
  • Optimum use of Technology, Human resources, and strict adherence to Procedures and Guidelines.
  • Establishing a Work environment that promotes innovation and teamwork.
  • Fostering effective Communication with our clients, employees, associates, and vendors.

Environmental Management at CSM

CSM Tech is committed to protecting the environment of the Earth & we will minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, products and services.

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the Company subscribes that relate to its environmental aspects.
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste, and minimize the consumption of resources.
  • Educate, train, and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Encourage environmental protection among suppliers and subcontractors.
  • CSM Technologies is committed to the continual improvement of environmental performance.

Information Security Management at CSM

Protection of company assets and information is vital to the success of our business. To this end, we have established an information security management system that operates all the processes required to identify the information we need to protect and how we must protect it.

  • Information is only accessible to authorized persons from within or outside the company.
  • The confidentiality of information needs to be maintained.
  • The integrity of the information is maintained throughout the process.
  • Business continuity plans are established, maintained, and tested.
  • All personnel are trained on information security and are informed that compliance with the policy is mandatory.
  • All breaches of information security and suspected weaknesses are reported and investigated.
  • Business requirements for the availability of information and systems will be met.
  • The Information Security Manager is responsible for maintaining the policy and providing support and advice during its implementation.
  • All managers are directly responsible for implementing the policy and ensuring staff compliance in their respective departments.