Trade licenses are issued to safeguard the society at large against the nuisance and health hazard which a trader/business may cause. It is a way to regulate the trade and to ensure compliance with rule and safety guidelines issued by the government.Every trader involved in a general trading activity within the territorial boundaries of any municipal corporation is required to get a trade license. In addition to ensuring legality of business practices, trade licenses issued to business units inspire confidence among investors.

The grant of trade license is conventionally a time consuming process involving approvals from multiple stakeholders. Building permits, rental agreements, property tax receipts and NOCs from departments such as fire, pollution and revenue department have to be in place for an application. Subject to proper documentation & inspection, the Urban Local Bodies (Municipality or Municipal Corporation) finally issue trade licenses. The automation of workflows for grant of trade licenses is the need of the hour for achieving an industry friendly environment in a city.

The major components of our Trade License System are:

  • Application: Enables businesses to declare nature of trade, product type & area of operation. Allows online submission of relevant documents & issues unique number for tracking application status.
  • License Evaluation & Approval: Enables configuration of pre-defined logic for scrutiny of applications. Allows scheduling of meetings for inspections or hearings &submission of reports. Permits online payment of license fees.
  • License Issuance: Enables download of digitally signed license certificate. Provides for renewal, duplicate issue, transfer & closure of trade license. Allows change of business type or incorporation structures.
  • Reports & Analytics: Generates MIS on pending applications, list of defaulters, licenses issued, cancelled & coming up for renewals.

Adopting our platform will not only improve process efficiency but also increase accountability and transparency. Efficient management of trade licenses is one of the measures used to evaluate Ease of Doing Business Index for a ULB and we are committed towards making our cities smarter.

CSM’s Trade License System is user-friendly and easy to operate. We streamline and automate business licensing processes and help a business to be setup quickly by reducing paperwork, and minimizing phone-based citizen inquiries.

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