Land Management System

Land management processes in India have traditionally been cumbersome for both the land authority and the investors or applicant. This involves a lot of physical interaction of the investor with government authorities creating opportunities for rent seeking and causing enormous time delays in processing a particular request.

To facilitate ease of doing business for investors, CSM conceptualized an online land management system for AURIC, one of India’s well-planned, Greenfield and smart industrial cities which is being developed over an area of 10,000 acres in Maharashtra, as a part of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

e-LMS is an industry and user friendly single window system that includes enhanced features such as GIS based tracking of land information, integrated SMS and email gateways for communicating applicants instantly on the status of their applications, and integrated online payment gateway for seamless transactions The transparency ushered in by e-LMS is a testament to the transformational impact of ICT based governance systems and the paradigm shift of the attitude of leadership in adopting innovative ways of service delivery to citizens.

CSM Technologies

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