The last two decades have seen significant economic growth and integration into the global economy, resulting in several changes in the business landscape. The role of businesses within the larger society has come under intense scrutiny by several stakeholders. Governments across the world have been using different forms of regulation to shape corporate behavior, with calls for increased accountability, disclosures and actions from them. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and inclusive & sustainable development are observed to be closely linked. With a broad agenda related to social, environmental and international issues, it is considered a cross-governmental issue. Governments play a crucial role in supporting corporate social responsibility initiatives by means of legislation, fostering and partnering with businesses. They ensure corporations behave according to the rules and norms of society. Corporations on the other hand, stand to gain from these activities due to its social influence and acceptance. CSR provides them with a strategic and competitive opportunity.

Emerging economies in Asia and Africa find is especially challenging to promote a CSR agenda while balancing their onus to create an enabling business friendly environment for their private sector. Raised barriers of operations and increased costs due to mandatory CSR spends should be suitably balanced out with rewarding responsible private enterprises. Additionally, government agencies face challenges in identifying priorities, raising awareness, mobilizing resources, creating incentives and garnering support. Existing initiatives and capacities become meaningless without bringing them into the folds of an overall national strategy that encompasses existing needs., opportunities and constraints. For achieving this objective, a relevant software for planning, managing and monitoring CSR activities becomes vital.

CSM’s CSR Portal is a dedicated software that consolidates CSR-related data under a single unified system, with the following features:

  • Collation of CSR details, preference from companies
  • Information on all CSR projects
  • Central Login Platform for all stakeholders
  • Collation of requirements from the government
  • Information on all companies in the state
  • Guide corporates about state HDI & priority gap areas
  • Information on all CSR Awards & Achievements; News & Events
  • Platform to provide feedback and access FAQ’s , etc.

Demographic location analysis and expenditure management is carried out with the help of an integrated web & mobile-based application, conceptualized to track the CSR activities conducted by corporate houses in and around the areas where they are located. The added advantage of this application is that it is highly customizable as per requirements and can be integrated with Tally / any other accounting application / ERP / SAP etc. Finally, it furnishes reports as per requirements in a user-friendly and informative format.

CSM’s CSR portal is a potent marketplace tool that enables companies, implementing agencies & financial institutions to strategically find and invest in projects in priority areas for human development. This unified system provides all the CSR-related data essential for planning, monitoring and managing.
CSR Monitoring System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies CSR Monitoring System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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