On the morning of September 1, I received the reports of my family members, who had tested positive for Covid-19. As per the protocol, I voluntarily got my test done as well, even if I wasnt facing any Covid-19 related symptom. Unfortunately, I was tested positive too, and after 2 days, my body started developing certain symptoms. As I suffer from chronic asthma, my oxygen level was also fluctuation. It was an extremely difficult phase, both physically mentally, but I was determined to get better.

Aditya Pratap Samant

Software Engineer

Before I got infected with Covid-19, I was fully prepared, both mentally as well as physically, while taking all the precautions, like daily exercise and eating healthy foods. I even was very particular about my sleep cycle, had signed up for COVID-19 insurance, and started WFH. All this greatly boosted my immunity, thereby giving me the confidence to battle the disease. Besides, the constant support I received from my office, friends, family & well-wishers made this difficult period easier.

Ayasakanta Swain

Software Engineer, BSS

The diagnosis was very startling for me and it really broke me down. But I wanted to keep going with my work and my recovery as well. The support I received from my colleagues and the organization itself was tremendous. Although, the recovery was a long process, but a much pleasant experience even, with all the support encouragement received, and I got back to work in no time at all. A difficult phase, that can shake up anyone experiencing it, but then staying optimistic is whats essential.

Bibhuti Bhusan Routray

Sr. Architect Social Media

Covid-19 has certainly been one of the biggest pandemics mankind has ever faced. Even after staying working from home since the last 10 months, I still got infected with the Covid-19 disease. Initially I felt very nervous stressed, but eventually with proper care, exercise, healthy food, and optimistic outlook, I could battle the disease, and even recover fully. Thanks to all those who stood by me in my tough journey to inspire encourage.

Debendra Nayak

Software Engineer

I tested positive for Covid-19 on October 27. After strictly staying home for 7-8 months, I chose to go out one day. Went for shopping had food at a restaurant with friends. Probably thats when I got the infection. I didnt take leave from work as symptoms were mild and I was in WFH mode. During my home isolation period, staying occupied with work was actually helpful in avoiding negative thoughts and boredom. I am genuinely thankful to CSM Family for their cooperation during this period.

Hrushikesh Mishra

Content Writer

Soon after I had fever, I got diagnosed with typhoid. After 2 days, I was also detected with Covid-19. It was quite disturbing for me both mentally and physically. Thanks to the support I got from my family and colleagues to help me get better again. After 21 days of treatment, I had recovered and re-joined office in October. Thanks to all for helping me in my Covid-19 fight.

Jyoti Sankar Sahoo

Consultant-IT Services

I went for my Covid-19 test, after I started showing up almost all the symptoms of the virus. I tested positive for it soon after which I isolated myself, to prevent my parents from catching the virus too. It took around 15 days to completely heal from the intense coughing, and around a month to regain my smell taste. I feel blessed to be supported by my parents, well-wishers, managers and colleagues. I can, I will and I must was in my mind every day, that helped me fight it strongly.

Kisan Raj

Software Engineer, BSS

I took the Covid-19 test in August, after which I was tested positive, and went to Covid Care Centre for 16 days. The first day I was there I thought I was going to die, because my whole body felt so warm and I couldnt sleep. 5 days later I started recovering slowly. Every day, my colleagues called me and motivated me to stay brave. I cant thank all of them who stood by me in this tough time, and supported thoroughly. My advice to all would be to drink hot water every day exercise daily.

Krishnarao Rokalla

Project Support Executive, BSS

I tested for malaria on 2nd day of fever, but was negative. Later, the doctor advised me to go for Covid-19 test. On 3rd day, I was detected positive. After knowing my news, I got my family members tested, and one of them was diagnosed positive. Thereafter, we both stayed in home quarantine for 17 days, and I felt I was in jail. Fortunately, I got the support from my relatives colleagues, especially Sibu Sir and Manasi Madam, who encouraged me to recover. Having a positive attitude is key

Manoj Kumar Sahu

System Administrator, IT

I got infected with Covid-19 on September 30. Initially, I was extremely worried as to how will I manage my personal health as well as day-to-day activities of my job, and the tasks-at-hand. Moreover, it was the peak time of my project implementation phase, which made me panic more. Luckily, I fought and got rid of this deadly infection with the help of my team mates, my managers and my organization, to whom I’m the most grateful. A big thank you to all my well-wishers from the core of my heart.

Sachidananda Satapathy

Associate Business Analyst

It was in September that I was tested positive for Covid-19. It was very difficult for me my family to be undergoing that phase. In fact, from the very beginning, I was under stress to know about my family getting diagnosed positive also. Soon, my doctor advised me to remain calm not to panic. I took proper care of myself, and had my medicines on time, which gave me the confidence to battle the disease. I am very grateful to God for giving me this new lease of life and optimistic strength.

Shakti Sourav Mohapatra

Trainee Engineer

It isnt the disease but the word around it that scares us the most. Deputed in a Government project, I had to continue office during the Covid-19 lockdown phase. Maintaining all precautions, I avoided getting infected for the first 5 months. But, in the month of September, I was tested positive. More than myself, I was worried for my family members. Struggling with persistent cough and fever from the second day onwards, I constantly monitored my oxygen levels continued with the medication suggested by doctors. Unfortunately, the test results of my mother, infant son and wife were also positive. It was sheer perseverance constant vigil that brought us successfully out of this fight.

Siddhartha Mishra

Business Analyst

It was on October 15, 2020 while on my way to office that I started feeling a bit feverish. Earlier I ignored, however it didnt get any better, and by the time I got back home, I already was trembling with high fever. I tested myself for Covid-19, and I was positive. Unfortunately, within few days, my wife also got diagnosed with Covid-19. It wasnt easy at all for either of us, as our bodies kept developing symptoms, including the loss of taste smell. We kept fighting, stayed calm, and after 14 days of home-quarantine, we both started recovering slowly.

Sonu Kumar

Consultant-Business Operation

Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey of a woman. My due date was on July 7, and I was diagnosed with Covid-19 on July 2, after which I was shifted to KIMS Covid Care. I was in a state of fear as I was not able to figure out what was happening. Thanks to the Gods in PPE suits who gave me support strength to fight those 12 days in hospital. Miraculously my baby boy arrived on July 16 through normal delivery. However, the pain and stress took its own time to heal. Thanks to all who supported

Sushree Dash

HR Consultant