The legal industry is experiencing radical disruption in terms of technology. In recent years a suite of legal technologies has evolved such as Practice Management, DMS, Finance & Accounting, Client Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Security, et al with a single motivation of digitally transforming legal workflow to boost efficiency and cost effectiveness. This has enabled lawyers to deliver better services in lesser time than the traditional processes. Most developed countries have been the early adopters of this technology platform and have reaped increasing growth levels and better delivery of services through streamlining of practices. Traditional law departments in Africa and parts of Asia are yet to board this digital bandwagon.

Pendency in litigation is a major deterrent to the vital functioning of a government. The total pendency in India is 3 crores, out of which 46% is government litigation. According to the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2019, India ranks 97 in civil justice out of 126 countries. Besides being a constraint on the public exchequer, government litigation has contributed to judicial backlog, economic loss due to low foreign investment and loss of faith on governance. In more than 90% cases, the Government loses the case. While Civil Revision Petitions are decided in 77 days on an average in Indian High Courts, Civil Appeals take 2,303 days. The number of hearings and the time period taken to dispose of cases across the system suggest that there is a serious problem of case management in procedure law in India.

CSM’s Legal Monitoring System is a robust web-enabled system which provides the following features:

  • Timely Availability of New Cases Registered: Integration with web services from State/Central Case Management applications or manual registration on the application with data validation to avoid duplicity
  • Timely Filing of Counter Affidavit: Places accountability on respondents to finalize para-wise comments online within a specific time period. Saves time on back and forth paperwork on follow-ups between respondents and government advocate or standing council. Also saves time on vetting of legal documents
  • Efficient Case Monitoring Across Systems: Case control sheet links appeal cases to parent cases. A time-line view of actions taken on cases is also provided
  • Dynamic Information and Alert System: Instant notification, timely reminders and alerts help the opposite party to take appropriate action on time. The department becomes proactive instead of reactive while dealing with public litigations
  • Case Calendar: Provides everyday information about pending as well as forthcoming important actions to be taken
  • Configurable Dashboard: Provides a personalized view of the status of cases and corresponding action. One can swap between informative and action-oriented view as per preference
  • MIS Reports: Different types of MIS reports (e.g. court-wise, type wise case) assist the user in preparing reports for effective analysis

The ICT enabled monitoring system has proven its potential to help government departments and ministries to face the herculean task of managing cases. The vast improvement in the information technology with inclusion of big data and artificial intelligence has also offered significant leverage to boost the efficiency of the law department.

In coming years, the legal industry will require expertise and understanding of technology and business besides Law. CSM is committed towards transforming government department, streamlining workflows and facilitating better collaboration by incorporating best-in-class practice management capabilities and a powerful performance monitoring system.

Within a span of two years of implementation of this legal monitoring system by the Department of School and Mass Education, Govt. of Odisha, the pendency reduced from 80,000 in 2017 to 25,000 in 2019. The whole litigation process was fast-tracked with timely information and alert which helped in taking right action and compliance to dispose cases.
Integrated Legal Monitoring System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Integrated Legal Monitoring System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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