Hospitals are an essential part of our lives, providing medical facilities to people suffering from various ailments, which may be caused due to change in climatic conditions, increased work load, emotional trauma, stress, etc. With an ever-increasing dependency of the vast majority of people on availing hospital facilities, it becomes necessary for hospitals to keep track of its day-to-day activities and records of its patients, doctors, nurses, ward boys, and other staff personnel that keep the hospital running efficiently. The operational staff and doctors are required to gather a host of information and maintain records which are absolutely crucial for delivering proper health care. Traditionally, a manual process of patient information gathering is done by just writing the patient’s name, age and gender. Bills are generated separately for each facility provided to a patient on a separate sheet and at last they all are summed up. Diagnosis Information is normally recorded along-side the patient’s information page and later destroyed to decrease paper-load. Immunization records of children are maintained separately. Information about previous ailments of the patient is rarely recorded or retrieved and is usually left to the doctor to remember or the patient to remind.

CSM’s Hospital Administration Management System offers the following functionalities:

  • Registration: Captures all necessary information related to the patient. The fields priorities can be customized to mandatory or optional
  • Help Desk: Manages availability of different hospital services.
  • Pathology Lab: Tracks various samples, test result analysis and reports plus maintains patient pathology records.
  • Doctors: Keeps track of doctors, their personal details, list of pending and upcoming patients, procedure prescription, medical prescription, medicine stock availability, treatment plan, etc.
  • HR Management: Records all human resource activities like employee report, roaster creation, salary slip, attendance and leaves record, etc.
  • OT: Tracks different stages of operations, OT schedules, entry & exit timings, several assessment forms, etc.
  • Nursing: Tracks records of ward-wise nurse, bed availability, medicine requisition, progress report entry, etc.
  • OPD Billing: Keeps records of discount and billing of consultation service, pathology, radiology, procedures, health packages and other services.
  • Pharmacy Management: Manages complete record of items, purchase orders, vendor payments, item consumption, stock availability, sales report, and other assets.
  • Blood Bank: Maintains the details of Blood Bank department like donor registration, blood collection, blood requisition & blood issues.
  • Bed Management: Allocation of beds for patients, Department-wise.
  • Ambulance: Tracking movement of the Ambulance & the Drivers tagged to it can be done through this module. The detail of the vehicle & the driver can also be obtained from here.
  • Public Portal: Serves as a gateway for the patients and public to access information at all stages, from doctor-finding to appointment booking and other facilities offered by the hospital.
  • MIS Report: Generation of query-based dynamic reports for quick analysis.
  • Dashboard: A bird’s eye view of all the modules for which the system is utilized with authorized access for gaining insights for strategic decision-making

With CSM’s complete and integrated solution for all hospital services and activities, the seemingly complex task of hospital management becomes streamlined and efficient. The system has in-built checks and balances to ensure 100% error-free operations and deliver a smooth, secure and reliable service at all times.

Observing the continuous rise in population and number of people visiting hospitals, record keeping on paper becomes infeasible, both economically and technically. Thus it becomes imperative for hospitals to engage in Information technology as an enabler in making the process robust and efficient.
Hospital Administration Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Hospital Administration Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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