Social Protection has always been the core of welfare and development initiative by government across the globe. Public-sponsored protection of the poor and vulnerable has emerged to become a mainstream concern for policymakers. The contribution is viewed not merely in terms of their impact on challenged families, but their systemic benefits - in enabling higher levels of employment and livelihood support, sustaining household consumption and human capital, securing pro-poor growth and promoting social inclusion and national cohesion. As enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals 1.3, social protection systemsare essential to ensure that no one is left behind.They are fundamental to protect the vulnerable from poverty via cash or in kind transfer to children, mothers with newborns, persons with disabilities, unemployed and older persons.

The widespread Corona virus pandemic is threatening the lives and long-term livelihoods of millions of poor people, and could push an additional 140 million into extreme poverty. In response, many governments are rapidly expanding social protection programs.However, amidst economic pressures on countries, it is imperative to increase efficiency of spending in social protection program.

Information systems needs to improve, and more basic data need to be collected on the number and type of beneficiaries covered as well as on program outcomes so that policy makers and planners can use this information to

  1. improve program design and coordination and
  2. attract financial resources and donor support.

CSM has developed an integrated beneficiary management system that enables effective implementation of safety net programmes. This is achieved through a four pronged approach – beneficiary identification, program targeting, direct fund transfer & capacity building and impact assessment framework.Such a system helps to consolidate multiple schemes under a single umbrella, thus enabling more equitable distribution of resources and increase efficiency through economies of scale.


  • Registration: New beneficiaries register and existing ones migrate with a Unique identification number at the National level.
  • Targeting : Rule-based enrollment of target beneficiariesfor program entry.
  • Enrollment: Admission of new beneficiaries and promotion of existing beneficiaries while making them eligible for a given scheme period.Enable official acceptance of the beneficiary to the corresponding program.
  • Direct Support: Manages vulnerable household(s) incapable to participate in pubic work along with the temporary and permanent direct support.
  • Public Work: Enable effective planning of PW activities, tracking of potential labours& actual participation (at the working locations using mobile device).
  • Payment: Efficient management of payment through periodic transfers in different Schemes with secured data (encrypted) sharing and reconciliation of payments atdifferent levels.
  • Fund Flow/Resource Management : Program resources tracked for efficient management through recording and reporting the source of fund, source of resource, timing and status of the resource pool.
  • Case/grievance Management : Timely redressal of complaints raised by the beneficiaries through an efficient workflow based  escalation and tracking of the responses given for a typical appeal.
  • Livelihood Management: Capacity building and skill development training for making beneficiaries self sufficient.
  • Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E): Define KRA & KPI to monitor the programmes and support decision making. Analysis and MIS reports helps in mapping the progress against the planning.
CSM has successfully implemented the integrated system for managing PSNP Programme envisaged under Ethiopian Social Protection (SP) policy for Ethiopia. 8.5 million Beneficiaries in Ethiopia are covered until 2019 and 11 million are expected to reach by 2021.

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