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The suite of GovLabs is specially designed to help governments to join in into the digital revolution and connect the bridge between technology and services. Vesting in digital and automation can make government services more accessible online, reduce the cost of accessing those services, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness. GovLabs offer uninterrupted service in a secured network for smart, efficient and good governance.

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Grant Management System

A centralized web application that allows easy accessibility of grant information for all the stakeholders. It is a unified platform that facilitates ease in the process of application, evaluation, sanction, and monitoring of funds in a systematic, efficient & secure way for both the funding agency & the researcher. This business process automation engine helps in expediting the workflow process by making it paperless & contactless.

Automating Grant
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Integrated Beneficiary Management System

An ICT-enabled end-to-end automation system that acts as an umbrella for all the schemes facilitating the identification and mapping of genuine beneficiaries. This Omni channel platform has been developed for effectively targeting beneficiaries (“Identification of the right people for right schemes”), monitoring program delivery & fund transfer, real-time data, and grievance redressal.

Social Protection
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Asset Registration System

A single-window, role-based web application that integrates and accommodates the entire asset disclosure system. This system recognizes potential disputes of interest & stops indiscretion in the conduct of public affairs. It has a unique identification code to identify each registrant across the application where the concerned officials can verify and validate the data online and facilitate monitoring of the asset registration process with the help of Dashboard and MIS reports.

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Project Monitoring System

A web-based MIS tool, designed, developed, and integrated with multiple access points for data entry. It automates the project management process to track the progress of activities and deadlines, and outcomes also serve as a single repository of the data for the projects undertaken by various government units. The helps to optimize, monitor, and enable better evaluation of the government schemes and projects.

Ease In Monitoring
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e-File Tracking System

This paperless ICT intervention as a unique e-gov initiative contributes to increased efficiency in government decision-making through the automation of letter receipt, dispatch & file movement processes. It is a single gateway to all government internal and external communication that facilitates efficient monitoring and tracking of letters with all supporting documents.

Organize Properly
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eMuster Roll Platform

A single unified database for labourers acts as a great monitoring mechanism for the government and guarantees fair and timely remuneration and ethical treatment to laborers by contractors. The integrated EMRP platform has access to the workers’ cycle that upholds statutory protection on minimum wages (like EPF & ESI), transparency, and speed in disbursal of wages, PF, and insurance dues.

Timely Wage Disbursal
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Epidemic Management System

A unified portal managing large data sets for the public as a one-stop solution suite for enabling concerned Government authorities to establish transparent communication channels to keep them informed and safe throughout the epidemic outbreak like COVID 19 pandemic. It is a single reliable source of information that leverages the near real-time data to make proactive decisions and remain one step ahead in our war against the pandemic.

Pandemic Management
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Contractor Database Management System

A one-stop solution that facilitates the government to have access to all the information of the registered contractors along with their track record and awarded projects. For the dynamic response, this centralized database system of contractors in a region available both as a web portal & mobile application is linked to integrated project management and monitoring system for better management of the contractor’s profile.

Hassle-Free Service
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eTendering System

A web-based platform with end-to-end tender lifecycle management for procurement of goods and services that successfully automates, and streamlines the procuring cycle while preserving sanctity and clarity of the overall procedure. This online tendering system offers effective usability and encryption of confidential and sensitive data during the integration with existing vendors.

Transparency in Tendering
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Integrated Legal Monitoring System

An ICT-enabled Monitoring System is a robust web-enabled system that reduces pendency and provides timely notifications and alerts to manage and dispose of the legal cases filed against the government. Due to this enabler, the Government can keep track and monitor all the pending, complied, and duplicate cases with faster vetting of legal documents avoiding contempt of court while saving time and resources for other vital functions of the government.

Faster Case Disposal
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Our open-source solution & Payroll portal is an end-to-end modular and customizable framework that encapsulates all core functionalities and processes that leads to staffing efficiency & greater employee satisfaction. This automated portal records all relevant documentation of employees and eliminates paycheck errors for easier auditing.

Do more with less
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Labour Welfare Scheme Monitoring System

A centralized web-enable MIS application facilitating creation of centralized worker database for effective policy & scheme implementation. This automated monitoring solution makes the labour engagement transactions seamless which reduces human intervention and increases transparency in the system.

Centralizing Scheme Monitoring
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Social Registry

A one-stop data repository system that identifies and authenticates beneficiaries for various government schemes for better planning and enhanced service delivery ecosystem of the state and country. This unified interoperable citizen’s database enrolls citizen data (Families and individuals) with demographic and socio-economic details and helps to detect, duplication, fraud and redundancies while taking care of data privacy and security.

Managing Beneficiary
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Sustainability Compliance

The Sustainability Compliance system is a great tech enabler and an efficient monitoring tool that support national and state governments in their efforts to monitor and report on progress toward the SDGs. This analytics tool provides an efficient framework for management, facilitate oversight of responsibilities, and accountability complying with the SDG at the global, country and regional levels.

Bettering The World
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Grievance & Feedback Management System

CSM’s Grievance and Feedback Management System is an application that can be used by the administrative bodies for addressing public grievances in a state, quickly and effectively and collect feedback that gives an insight into citizen’s sentiments.

Empower Your Administrative
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Omnichannel Grievance Redressal System

CSM developed ‘Janasunani’ is one such integrated grievance resolution portal implemented in Odisha. To enhance citizen experiences, this unified portal consolidates grievances from all channels- letters, calls, SMS, CM Grievance Cell, social media, and the erstwhile e-Ahijog. The seamless grievance management process aligns well with the state government's 5T governance paradigm.

Elevate Citizen Satisfaction
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