Ensuring Zero Hunger With Tech-Led Solutions

CSM’s state-of-art technology disruptions are bringing about a paradigm shift in food security policies, programs, and the systems of the state. Our FoodPrint is a suite of post-harvest solutions that ensures three key components of food security i.e. sufficient availability, adequate accessibility & effective utilization.

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Agri Procurement System

The procurement system uses Blockchain to ensure transparency in the billing systems & tamper-proof transactions for various demand-supply estimates that address the farm to table value chain.

Reform Procurement
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Commodity Auction System

A complete digital auctioning of commodities that ensures transparency and efficiency. The ML used to build valuations and pricing models facilitate farmers to get the right prices for their produce.

Transparency in e-Auctions
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Supply Chain Management System

The robust system drives efficiencies to forecast demand, enable financial management & transportation synchronization leveraged through emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, ML and Big data.

Control & Execute
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Public Distribution System

The digitization and automation with the appropriate intervention of information and communications technology paired with software applications has made it convenient, secure and more reliable.

Ensuring Food Security
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Crop Analytics

The agri-digital intervention that captures granular and accurate ground data about farm plots through satellite imagery & analytics for procurement reform. Our satellite-based crop analytics solution enables government to have end-to-end visibility into farms and farmers.

Eliminating Risk
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