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CSM uses a multitude of technologies to get value from data.

Data Analytics Offering - Data & Analytics

Enabling smart business choices with the power of visualization

Data Visualization Offering - Data & Analytics

Explore evolving opportunities and better decision making.

Data Warehouse Offering - Data & Analytics

Take a deep insight into data warehousing & its benefit on globe

Data Lakes Offering - Data & Analytics

A Multi-tenant platform that supports both structured and unstructured data.

Big Data Analytics Offering - Data & Analytics

Explore the Structured & Unstructured Data through the smart analytics tool

Data Modeling Offering - Data & Analytics

Reserve and Improve Accessibility of data that Profits Business with Data Modeling

Data Governance Offering - Data & Analytics

Go for Company-Wide Data Management with the most Powerful Data Governance

Data Integration Offering - Data & Analytics

An end-to-end Unified Platform that Provides Access To Real-time Integrated Data

Master Data Management Offering - Data & Analytics

Powering Data-driven Decisions With a Golden Records Database

Data Preparation Offering - Data & Analytics

Organizing Data for Visualization and Analytics to Ensure Consistent and Accurate Insights

Total Offerings: 10

Case Studies

Automating the processes either by re-engineering the process and building insights of the data generated.

Case Study


The robust Scheme Monitoring System facilitates effective implementation of the health insurance for the right beneficiaries in a seamless & error free manner while validating arrays of data for the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Himachal Pradesh.

Case Study

School Mapping System (SMS)

The GIS-based planning tool implemented for World Bank & the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia, gathers information and geolocation of the schools for identifying the potential school sites for achieving equity, efficiency & efficacy in educational processes &...

Case Study

Project Monitoring System

The centralized monitoring tool & unified database facilitates transparency in the project implementation process for greater productivity and effective outcome. This has been successfully implemented for Bihar Medical Services & Infrastructure Corporation Ltd.

Case Study

Integrated Beneficiary Management System

A unified platform implemented for Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), Ethiopia facilitates effective implementation of the social protection programs by identification of right beneficiaries, program targeting & monitoring for equitable distribution of resource...

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