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The cities of the future will be a harmonized blend of its history, character, its people and the environment. CSM is helping city governments in making this possible through Urbansity product stack. The features cover all the services associated with a citizen life cycle, single window facilitation portal for building plan approvals, property tax and trade license. The city-level program monitoring and information facilitation ensure transparency for good governance.

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Marriage Registration System

An end-to-end digitized portal where the process of online marriage registration is completed as per the applicant’s convenience and they can register their marriage without any hitches. This online robust system for Marriage Registration not only makes the process seamless but also reduces paperwork & dependency rates along with online payment & real-time tracking of registration status.

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Facility Management System

A digitized system facilitate user to block a Function Hall for advance bookings with either confirmed or tentative status. This e-booking application can be accessed both by the Department officials as well as by the citizens with transparency and ensure better public service.

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Information Facilitation Portal

A C2G (Citizen to Government) ICT tool allows citizens to access government information and services promptly, conveniently, from everywhere. This Omnichannel Module facilitates the government to improve its service delivery standards in providing information requested by the citizens and strengthen a better relationship of faith with its citizens

C2G Relationship
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Land Bank, Land Acquisition & TDR System

An end-to-end automated system facilitates e-sharing of all the Land related documents with concerned department officers. The preliminary notification issued to the stakeholders is also automated through the system. This module is implemented for maintaining land bank and land record verification with much convenience, transparency and speed monitoring.

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Property & Holding Tax System

A one-stop contactless citizen-friendly platform enables government officers to manage the entire process with transparency. This integrated portal is developed for government local bodies to track the property and holding tax reduces human errors and improves consistency across the various users.

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Solid Waste Management System

An ICT enabled can help detect blind spots in collection & transportation of solid waste and improve the data quality for better insights into waste streams during operations. This integrated platform leveraged through emerging technologies ensure transparency through real time monitoring of solid waste management.

Making The City Clean
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Trade License System

An online platform facilitates in issuance of trade license to an eligible trader under the supervision of an authorized officer that eases EoDB. This system helps in removing redundancies but improves process efficiency, accountability and transparency of information.

Smart City, Smarter Trade
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Utility Billing and Payment System

The utility bill and payment module is one among the vital smart city solutions leveraging this cutting-edge concept to streamline their payment processes and go cashless. This automated online portal helps in paying the bills and generating downloadable & printable receipt via online.

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Building Plan Approval System

This automated tool is built to designed to approve, monitor and certify any planned building construction that eases both industry and stakeholders’ approval process. Using a unique mix of technology and science, the Building Plan Approval System has the capability to approve a CAD design and issue an approval certificate automatically.

Convenient Citizen Services
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Birth & Death Registration System

The web enabled end-to- end process had automated the whole process of birth & death registration from the convenience of their home avoiding long waiting time for their certificates. This unified system enables easy online application, registration and certification while also facilitating corrections in it.

Civil Registration at Ease
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Citizen Portal

An online portal enables citizens to access information, can monitor police services requests, get FIR copy and can track its status. For the convenience of citizens’, all the Police offices are interconnected and are committed towards time bound delivery of services and provide good governance in the State.

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