Integrated Legal Monitoring System

ILMS is one of the reformist technology interventions implemented in Odisha. Post implementation of this system, there has been a phenomenal reduction in the backlog of cases.

The results are amazing for the School & Mass Education department where the state government showed this digital initiative. Before the implementation of ILMS, the department tangled with the challenge of 10 cases each day on average growing to around 80,000 cases in 2017. By the end of April 2022, the pendency in court cases had notably receded to 32654, a drop of 59%.

The Odisha government has taken quick support of technology that can overcome this challenge. ILMS is an ICT-enabled solution designed as a single application portal that helps government departments and ministries to face the robust task of managing cases. ILMS includes a mail messaging system with a workflow model for effective communication among government officials and with government advocates. This system eliminates much of the stress associated with the organization of office files and document management, and therefore encourages high-quality office practices. Want to know more about the system? Explore the ILMS Book.

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