Digitalizing the Healthcare Ecosystem

From making Primary Health Centres more efficient to building a robust supply chain for medicines and medical equipment to making hospital administration easy. CSM’s HealthEase has been at the forefront of making it easy for both governments by helping them manage their health centres better to large corporate hospitals by ensuring the system runs like clockwork.

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Community Health Worker System

CSM develops the Community Health Worker System (CHW), which is one such ICT intervention where Community health workers take on different roles in the community and act as a platform between the community and the formal healthcare system.

Boosting Health Workers
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Drug Distribution & Supply Chain System

A web-based solution offers end-to-end visibility and assures quality drugs until the end. The unified procurement and allocation system delivers the following key features for assuring constant supply across the state.

Connecting The Dots
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Hospital Administration Management System

With the unified integrated solution for all hospital benefits and actions, the complex task of hospital management has become easy and converted into a more updated and profitable system.

Do more with less
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Scheme Monitoring System

Scheme Monitoring System is a unified ICT platform that facilitates the best and most competent delivery of healthcare systems. It helps in reducing expenses for administration and improving amenities for citizens.

Amazing Health Benefits
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Claim & Assurance Management System

CSM developed the Claim and Assurance Management System- BSKY, which is an integrated centralized platform that helped to automate the transaction and claim process at the hospital and ensure smooth monitoring of the implementation of the BSKY scheme.

Empower Healthcare Efficiency
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A one-stop solution for a Unified Health Care Monitoring System