One of the key factors that drive the success of any farm to fork initiative is the need for a robust supply chain that get the food from the farmer to the consumer, at the right time. India, for example, loses 40% of its farm produce due to various inefficiencies across the supply chain. Excluding the infrastructural bottlenecks in the system, most of the problems that are inherent in the system are because of a lack of automation, human interventions and low transparency.

The food supply chain has multiple stakeholders, farmers, food cooperatives, procurement agencies, wholesalers, food manufacturers and retailers, all of them working in silos and there is very limited information available to help enable them to make better business decisions. Key factors that drives efficiencies is the ability to forecast demand, financial management & transportation synchronization all need intense technology interventions.

We, at CSM, have built a robust supply chain management system for the food industry. Using some of the latest technology (Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain & Big Data) available in the industry, our systems ensure that every pain point of the industry is mitigated.

The Supply Chain Management System covers

  • Assessment of quality of produce received at the processing unit
  • Arrests leakages by intermediaries in the system (achieved through upstream and downstream integration with procurement & distribution modules)
  • Stock / Inventory Management (auto allocation of batch as per FIFO principles / fumigation monitoring
  • Generates allocation plan to depots based on demand
The system has been developed post our work in GovTech across multiple states in India, to ensure we have every facet covered. Build on a PAAS (Product As a Service) model, there are various modules that can be used individually or as a single solution, each customizable to your unique requirement.
Procurement Module - CSM Technologies

Procurement Module

Works to make the entire procurement process seamless. This module has the ability to work on the various work flows that drive the process and also keep every stakeholder informed on the transactions and their outcome. This module also helps ensure the right supply-demand mix is attained and ensure a transparent transactional process.

Accounting Module - CSM Technologies

Accounting Module

Built on the premise that transparency is paramount to any supply chain. This module makes the process of payment simple and also ensures that the information is available on demand to every stakeholders. This also ensures the right price is paid to the producers, which builds trust in the system.

Stocking Module - CSM Technologies

Stocking Module

The primary reason for the massive loss in the system. Ensuring highly perishable commodities are moved across the value chain efficiently is of key importance. This module uses various technologies like IoT, GPS & ML to ensure the movement of stocks and their storage is done efficiently and correctly.

Reports Module - CSM Technologies

Reports Module

Makes the same information available in real time to all relevant stakeholders. This module is highly customizable and can be made for suit the requirements of every segment of the industry.

Supply Chain Management System Modules - CSM Technologies Supply Chain Management System Modules - CSM Technologies

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