Ease of Living has been a vital metric of good governance for most urban centres across the globe. A key component of this index is the ease & convenience with citizens are able to avail government services. Against the backdrop of changing demographic & massive digital penetration among citizens, the expectations from public and private sector around service agility and user experience is almost alike.  Thus, a unified, structured and digitally-enabled platform offering public and civic services seamlessly forms an important facet of any government’s digital transformation strategy.

Embodying the digital philosophy of “Aggregate – Converge – Ease” (ACE), CSM offers a one of a kind unified citizen portal for city administrations.

  • Aggregate: the solution hosts and aggregates various other services elements peripheral to direct public service delivery such as public transport, energy and other utility providers, connectivity etc.
  • Converge: seamless convergence of citizen services that are being channelled and delivered by multiple departments and similar entities.
  • Ease:Ensuring ease of use through elevated user experience for citizens and functionaries

The web-based solution provides agency-wise listing of various citizen services. The robust rules engine facilitates the end-user i.e. citizen to easily apply, track, monitor and avail the eservices with minimal inputs. Key features of the solution includes:

  • Comprehensive User Management console for handling roles, rights and access for system users from multiple departments/operating bodies
  • Single sign-on feature for a synchronized access control across multiple platforms
  • Ease of discoverability: portal designed to guide and aid even those who aren’t sure whom to approach for availing certain services
  • Progressive Web app for greater payoffs in terms of end-user experience and quality of service
  • In-built Content Management System for managing photos, videos, documents rendered on multiple aggregated portals within the unified portal
  • Customized search feature for quick and relevant service discovery by citizens
  • GIS integration offering map-view of public amenities and other customizable geographical markers
  • Process-agnostic document management to eliminate redundancy; No re-upload or re-verification required for verified/digitally issued document
  • Provision for Digital vault for verified and issued documents
  • Tracking and Monitoring of service requests by the citizen and the functionaries
  • Customizable rules engine for any specific service based on the local context
  • Advanced analytics & visualization – used for route rationalization of public transport, performance evaluation of departments based on citizen grievances and other reports

The accessibility and usability of the solution is further augmented and bolstered by mobile apps (available on both android and iOS), AI-based Chatbot – Bhuvi, readily available feedback and support modules.

Greatly enhancing the accessibility of services to citizens, Unified portals are the logical next step to in-silo citizen service automation and are critical for the complete aggregation and maturity of service delivery ecosystem.

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