Customer Integrated Management Solution

Auction of the saleable ore, its subsequent sale and lifting from the merchant miners remains one of the largest and most lucrative businesses in the mining economy. Based on the existing mineral and mining regime, the auction of the mineral ore may be catered via a centralized system. However, the onus of managing the customer (i.e. the winning bidder) and the actual post-auction activities lies with the miner and must be taken care of once the final price discovery details are passed on to the sales and lifting management teams. For this, an agile customer interface that would help manage the entire life cycle seamlessly and from a centralized system is the need of the hour. While the internal working and management of business processes surrounding sales for these large merchant miners have evolved over the years, customer interfacing and management remain a gap area.

The Customer Integrated Management Solution (CIMS) seamlessly converges and consolidates the complete lifecycle management for customers/buyers to provide an effective and intuitive customer onboarding process automation and, internal sales status is in real-time sync with the on-field dispatch of the minerals. The build of the system is scalable and accommodates multi-focal transactions for sales management, ERP syncing and on-field material lifting. Designed for efficiency and superior sales process automation, the system’s unique value proposition embodies the specialized needs of mining industry.

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