Inspection of industries is done for a number of reasons including registration and licensing, renewal of licenses, certification of factories and boilers to improve working conditions in factories and securing safety and well-being of industrial workers. With the rising concern for the environment, pollution control bodies are also increasingly scrutinizing industries. Most government inspectors work in multiple industries, such as construction, environmental protection, fire safety, public works. Any aberration found during the inspection can have serious implications for the industry and can even lead to total shut-down and cancellation of license to operate.

Considering the various departments involved in giving different types of clearances and the lack of inter-departmental communication, the scope for overlapping of inspection schedules becomes high. No prior information to inspecting departments and industries can lead to lack of readiness on either end. The industry is rife with complaints about ambiguity, duplication and overlapping mandates between the inspection authorities, mostly attributed to a general lack of cooperation and coordination. The pressing challenge however, becomes on how to gather, manage and analyze data from such a distributed environment and translating the same into it into cost-effective decisions. This is where IT enable digital intervention that is fully-flexible, becomes a vital asset for generating value to all stakeholders.

CSM’s Inspection Management System has the following features:

  • Industry registration: Registration of Industry can be done here by filling up the type of industry, location, investment details, tagging departments for clearances and providing other mandatory documentation for authentication purposes
  • Risk based sorting: Segregation of industries is done on the basis of risk guidelines issued by various departments. Based on such risk, mandatory inspections are mapped & transparent checklists are generated
  • Industry Inspection: Auto generation of inspection schedules, tagging of an inspector, empanelment of third party inspectors
  • Notifications: Information on scheduled inspection to inspectors and industries via SMS and email
  • MIS reports: Availability of online inspection reports for company verification within 48 hours of completion of inspection
For all governmental agencies looking for better performance, reduced costs and efficiency; compliance and quality management is a must to get the best from their teams and resources. CSM’s Inspection Management System is a far-reaching solution to manage all aspects of an inspection program.

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