College admissions are deemed as one of the most defining periods in a students life. In countries where the Government plays an important role in the education space, a college degree is both affordable and desirable. Most of the developing world, where education is a key performance indicator for the wellbeing of its citizens, the need to educational institutes that provide important skills for enhancement of earning potentials is paramount. In a vast country like India, which has one of the largest government run education systems in the world, the challenges are many fold. Every year, close to 10 Million students appear for their 10th Standard exams and with an average pass percentage close to 80, 8 Million of them would be eligible for a higher education. The need to manage these many data points every year, across various states and different educational boards, makes the whole process one of the most intensive data management exercises in India.

This is compounded by the need of the students to apply for multiple colleges, each having their own systems in silos, made it a nightmare for parents and students. This is the gap that is being addressed by the Admission Management System developed by CSM.  It has been successfully implemented for two large state run education departments, SAMS, run by the Higher Education Department in Odisha that cater to 8 Million students and 5800 colleges and OFSS by the Bihar School Examination Board that caters to 1.5 Million students and close to 3000 colleges.


CSM’s Admission Management System solves each of those pain areas by using technology to enable the colleges and the students. Using an online architecture that uses Machine Learning and AI, the system can ensure that both the students and the colleges get the right candidates. No more wasting of resources, monies and time to complete the admission process. The various modules that enable the system are enumerated below: 

Before the Admission Management System was implemented, every college gave out their own prospectus, had their own admission process and the students had to fill in multiple applications, sometimes traveling long distances to submit the same. This was a major deterrence and highly inefficient, resulting in skewed filling of seats.
Admission Management Module - CSM Technologies

Admission Management Module

This is the key component of the whole system. It has the ability to create a common application form, for all colleges in the system. Using advanced technology like Machine Learning, it can also suggest the colleges that the student can apply to, based on their current marks obtained and the past records of admission for any particular institute. The admission system can also verify the documents uploaded by the students and administer a e-admission process that makes the process seamless. It helps colleges to maintain their profile and has a built in employee information system.

Student Enrollment Module - CSM Technologies

Student Enrollment Module

This module is step two of the admission management modules e-Admission process. All students who are given an offer to join a college and accepted are given a registration card as well an eligibility certificate. This module also helps in creating a automated migration process both inwards outwards for students who join from other colleges or leave the college.

e-Administration Module - CSM Technologies

e-Administration Module

Manages the various academics & administrative functions of the college. All students who have been enrolled in the student database are provided with the various ID cards relevant to them, their classes and time tables are managed online by the teaching staff and the various activities of conducting examinations are all automated. One of the key features. of this module is the AI powered examination pattern process. Students can also pay their fees through this module.

Student Lifecycle Management Module - CSM Technologies

Student Lifecycle Management Module

This module is built to help manage the life of students on campus. From their paying their course fees, to a forum for students and teachers to an online dashboard for the parents to track progress, this module is aimed at making the whole process as easy to manage as possible, while maintaining efficiency and transparency. This module has multiple levels of access and allows students to manage their interactions with the college seamless. There is also an option to build test modules for the students to check their learning levels as well as prepare for future examinations.

Student Admission Automation System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Student Admission Automation System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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