Efficient communication channels and active engagement of tourism stakeholders are vital for a sustainable tourism ecosystem. Mutual co-existence of the stakeholders can further unlock opportunities for promotion and cooperative marketing especially for SME’s. The benefits of collaboration is not only limited to the stakeholders but benefits the industry as a whole, in developing tourism product and generating revenue. In essence, it enables tourism development agencies to simultaneously achieve the twin objectives of I) increasing the inventory of tourism products & services for attracting tourists, and ii) strengthening the local tourism economy.

Identifying, understanding and authenticating the stakeholders & their services and interests are important in developing an appropriate engagement process. This necessitates an online mechanism to allow stakeholders to register, apply or renew for license to operate & declare a dossier of its various offerings. This in turn needs to be subject to accreditation or validation by the aggregator or authorized agencies for maintaining quality standards. Once this certification is achieved, tourism service providers (hotels, bed & breakfast stays, tour operators & travel agents) can get ample opportunity to advertise their offerings to a much larger audience on the aggregator platform.

This has been successfully implemented to help Odisha tourism to develop communication and collaboration with its stakeholders to promote local tourism in the global map. The visitors get access to personalized travel packages and offers, share their experiences through blogs & vlogs which in turn promote less travelled & unexplored destinations. Since the quality of services is authenticated by a state tourism board, customers place high amount of trust in the platform.


Benefits for Key Stakeholders

  • Ease of Doing Business for Tourism Service Providers 
    • Online accreditation (fresh or renewal of licenses) of service provider
    • Creation of multiple kinds of packages or offerings 
    • Online validation of offerings before publication 
    • Access to high value digital property of tourism aggregator 
    • Lead generation and response mechanism in aggregator platform
    • Personalized dashboard to analyze performance of offerings 
  • Visibility for Tourism Influencers
    • Platform to get featured in the trusted aggregator website to showcase their experiences through blogs, vlogs, photo blogs, which is moderated before publication.
    • Opportunity to post queries and get personalized offers and packages
  • Inclusive Growth Achievement by Tourism Development Agency
    • Collaboration with different stakeholders (esp. local service providers)
    • Crowdsourcing content on less travelled & unexplored destinations
    • Promote diversity in service offerings & expand target audience
    • Deliver a sustainability strategy for tourism destinations through public – private partnership


CSM’s stakeholder aggregator portal is specially designed for tourism development agencies to encourage stakeholder participation & generate business opportunities for the local tourism economy. The vast inventory of services created through this portal, in combination with DXP (Digital Experience Platform) enables a destination to cater to diverse tastes & preferences of tourists.

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