To meet the growing need of the housing the millions of people who are moving to the cities, providing land for industrial projects or building large greenfield projects, all of them require land and buildings to be constructed. As with any construction process, speed is of the essence. As a large industry or a mega building project, delays in the process of construction can lead to serious cost over runs. Further, the regulators also must ensure that the construction meets the various norms that are defined for ensuring the safety of the people and the environment.

Building plan need to go through multiple levels of approvals from different stakeholders. From the local municipality, the enforcing environment agency as well as fire and safety inspectors. CSM’s Building Plan Approval System is built to make sure all the parameters for each of the stakeholders are met, as well as making the process easy for the industry is of primary importance.

The system has the following modules:

  • Building Plan Scrutiny – Built using a complicated mix of architectural science and technology, the system can approve a design for a building, without the need to manual intervention. This ensures that a process that needed many man days to approve, can now be done in a few minutes. The system uses inbuilt algorithms to ensure that he CAD design as applied for by the customer meets the stringent requirements of all the stakeholders. If the plan meets the bylaws / building codes, the system generates a positive scrutiny report for the customer.
  • Automated Fees Calculation – Once the scrutiny report is positive, the Fees Calculation system will automatically generate the requisite fees to be paid and the same can be pain online. Post payment, the plan is automatically sanctioned.
  • Environment Clearance Module – If there is a need for any clearance from an Environmental Agency, they can also get access to the system. A separate module is created for them to go through the plan, identify the fees paid to them and on approval, provide a NoC
  • Fire & Safety NoC – The Fire department as well as Town Planners have access to verify the plans and also approve the same. Like the Environmental Clearance Module, this module also can be configured to provide access to third party agencies for clearance.
  • Multi Stage Inspection & Notifications – Built to enable the authorities to have a real time update on the construction stage, they have the ability to inspect and approve and the customer has the ability to upload construction progress reports periodically. These reports can be access by relevant authorities on a real time basis from any onsite or remote locations.
  • Certification Module – This module, post the completion of certain stages, can automatically generate and disseminate digitally signed certificates to the customers. Notifications are sent to the customer, architects of the projects and the other stakeholders. The various certificates are customisable to the requirements of the agency monitoring the land management system.
  • Document Vault – An online repository for available to the customers to save all the digitally signed documents securely. This also helps them to not send paper copies of the same.

The building plan approval system is built to ensure there is complete automation of the processes. While some of the process may be standardised, the system can be configured to meet the requirements of any agency that needs to implement the project. To know more, read about how the system has helped various smart cities in India, like Bhubaneswar, Aurangabad and Himachal Pradesh.

The Building Plan Approval System is a one of its kind tool, designed to approve, monitor and certify any planned building construction. Using a unique mix of technology and science, the system has the capability to automatically approve a CAD design and issue an approval certificate.
Building Plan Approval System Flow Diagrams - CSM Technologies Building Plan Approval System Flow Diagrams - CSM Technologies

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