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IntegratORE is the CSM’s comprehensive suite and the seamless integration of processes to ease all the mining challenges with the game-changing digital solutions. IntegratORE serves as a one-stop, seamless digital window where you can discover the complete suite of automated mining solutions across the below verticals, catering to captive miners, enterprise miners, state administration and regulatory authorities.

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Regulatory & Revenue Management

This includes a bulk of solutions like Audit & Compliance, Mineral Seizure & Enforcement, Revenue Assessment & Reconciliation, Permit Management System, Drone-based Regulatory & Inspection Suite. Ore Accounting & Returns Management, e-Transit Pass Management & Mineral Concession Application System.

Transform Mining
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Logistics Management

Logistics is an amalgamation of Digital Logistics Management, Plant Logistics & Process Automation System, In-port logistics management, Stack Management, Production Monitoring, Unmanned Weighbridge Management, Transporter Management System and Entry/Exit and Parking Management.

End-to-End Mining Logistics
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Network and Security

It consists of components like ITIL-based help desk, IT infrastructure Management services, Wireless broadband network set-up for last-mile connectivity and CCTV surveillance and access control.

Secure Mining Perimeter
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Surveillance Management Systems

For quality assurance and surveillance CSM built up AR based sampling and testing for checking on illegal mining on the site leveraged along with Drone-based Stack, Permit Management & Surveillance as best solutions.

Curb Illegal Mining
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ERP for Mining Sector

ERP help to integrate important business processes, from various locations, provide real time view of financials, and help make informed decisions to improve profitability. It is an end-to-end highly integrated solution for miners across the board.

Take Complete Control
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Reporting and Analytics Systems

This is made up of Advanced-Data Analytics and Dashboards & Reporting for the mining operations. It helps to improve margins using operational intelligence is necessary and play a major role in driving better asset utilization, boost productivity, and address material flow delays.

Structure Mining Data
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Custom built Solutions

To enable port logistics handling, Port and Export Management proved to be the perfect solution and our Environment & compliance solution is an end-to-end configurable system for environmental data management that saves from business risks.

Automate Everything Else
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