The CSM Story: Fueled for Innovation

CSM Tech has completed 25 years of journey with staggering experience in IT, Export & consulting services which carve the path for smoother and more successful reinventions topped with disruptions and innovation breaking thought barriers. CSM today has grown from 3 to 1300+ employees working towards touching millions of lives who are observing the historic event on the foundation day. The launch of the CSM Storybook commemorates this special milestone of CSM’s 25-year journey.

This book presents you with a kaleidoscopic view of the company from the sowing of the seed to its blossoming form. It traces our roots, and chronicles the organization’s evolution through its experimentation with disruptive business concepts and achieving borderless growth. The untold stories will help people come closer and reading them will be an enriching discovery of CSM’s vision and values. 

Happy Reading!

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