Every decision taken within a Government office is supposed to be documented and intimated forward through a letter signed by the concerned authority. These letters may contain Government Instructions, Notifications or Orders which get translated into action once the destination office receives them. Once filed, such letters also move through a formal chain of authority for approval. Any remarks or observations are documented in a note sheet that guides the next course of action on the file. Even today, the process of letter receipt & dispatch and any inter or intra departmental communication for taking action on a file is mostly manual. This deters swift decision making and transparency in governance.

Major components of File Tracking & Management System include:

  • Letter Receipt Module: Facilitates archival of incoming letters & update of diary number. Allows rights bases user control, query based search, sort features and web based publishing functions for downloads.
  • Letter Filing Module: Allows conversion of PDF letters to eBook files and store letters as per government authorized filing procedures.
  • Privileges & Workflow Module: Allows creation of different user groups with defined privileges for viewing and/or taking action
  • Letter Management Module: Enables sender or recipient to define attributes of letters & mark them up or down as per need. Allows creation of new file to attach letter and take action as per privileges
  • Document Management Module: Allows approving authority to edit & save document versions. Enables auto indexing of documents.
  • Reporting & MIS Module: Consolidates all remarks as note sheet for letter/file. Allows tracking of file status on dashboard.

The solution has been implemented in various Departments of Government of Odisha and Himachal Pradesh and allied line offices. Named as e-Despatch in Odisha, this system has managed 16 million letters (daily run rate of 70,000 letters) across 706 offices ithus benefitting 33.3 million citizens across the state. Apart from soaring efficiency in your department by bringing in greater transparency and accountability, CSM suite of services ensures that citizens also wouldn't have to move from pillar to post in government offices anymore.

File Tracking & Management System is a web based application to monitor the pendency of receipts and files and assist in their easy movement towards resolution. . Through automation of letter receipt, dispatch & file movement processes, this paperless ICT intervention contributes to increased efficiency in government decision making.
e-File Tracking System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies e-File Tracking System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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