Managing education is more than just ensuring that students attend schools. While the focus has been largely on getting more and more children to attend schools, how the students fare once they are in school in an even greater challenge. Teachers play a critical role in the development of a children in schools. There is a growing body of evidence which suggest that the education systems would fail in the absence of good teachers. Most countries in the developing nations are so focused on building infrastructures for children, that there is limited focus on teachers, their competencies and how they teach in the classroom. This is more acute in developing nations where there are shortages of schoolteachers and the existing teachers are overburdened with work.

To enable the growing population of teachers across large geographical regions, CSM has developed a LMS named Training Management Information System (TMIS). Built as a unified platform for dissemination of information, providing the latest educational training study materials and enable online assessment & tracking of their developmental goals. The system has multiple levels of capability development and provides both classroom study materials, online audios, videos and presentations plus access to various national and international journals that the teachers can use to improve their capabilities. Teachers play a key role in the development goals of any nation and ensuring their capabilities are constantly enhanced will help meet these goals faster. This application is useful to large educational organisations like universities, educational groups and government education departments.

It is crucial that the teachers have access to the right skills and building a strong system that would help in capacity building is imperative. But providing such opportunities is challenging in countries with a large population of teachers. This is where an IT-enabled service becomes critical to provide access and build a monitoring system that would track their learning capabilities.
Training MIS Application - CSM Technologies

Training MIS Application

The MIS Application will be a comprehensive solution for information access analysis to all stakeholders including trainees, Training Centres and Trainers and Department Officials. The module enables the data capture and mapping of all teachers who want to be trained along with their trainers and training institutes, identification of training needs and gaps, providing the trainees with a development plan with objectives and outcomes, building a training calendar and capturing the trainees pre and post assessment scores. The system has a built in SMS email alert program that makes it easy to manage the training process.

eResource Center - CSM Technologies

eResource Centre

The eResource centre is the heart of TMIS. This module provides all the course material based on the training needs of the trainees. Here, based on the selected course for the trainee, various reading and reference materials are made available. The trainees have the option to learn via reading materials, audio and video lectures, case studies and various reputed journals to help them pass the various assessment exams. The eResource centre is designed as a CMS, that enables the latest updates in their respective course materials to be continuously updated to enable the trainees.

eLearning Application - CSM Technologies

eLearning Application

This is a mobile application built to ensure that the teachers do not have a problem if they have no access to a computer. The application contains all the resources from the eLearning centre as well as the option to have video sessions with their trainers. The teachers can also perform all the workflows of the Training MIS Module. Each trainees uses their unique registration credentials to log into the app and manage their development goals online.

Reporting Module - CSM Technologies

Reporting Module

The reporting module is built to monitor and improve the training process by the trainers and any relevant stakeholders. The module has various reports based on the needs of these stakeholders. They can monitor the development goals of the trainees and provide interventions as and when needed.

Training Management Information System Diagram Flow - CSM Technologies Training Management Information System Diagram Flow - CSM Technologies

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