Urban local bodies are required to oversee fulfilment of citizen requests for facilities such as marriage halls (Kalyan Mandap), cesspool vehicles and water tanks. Bookings and issuance of receipts are mostly done manually at the unit level, leaving significant room for rent seeking behavior and misappropriation of funds. Also advance bookings may be cumbersome processes requiring the sanction of multiple stakeholders (including the police). For example, providing route details of the wedding procession on a Google map ensures a more trouble-free commute to residents around the venue. In the absence of a centralized system for registration of such units, it becomes quite difficult for the authorities to check irregular units flouting norms and jeopardizing public safety. 

The System ensures that the city’s resources are put to optimal use and scope for underutilization is eliminated. The reservations which are tentatively made, a cut-off date for confirmation will also have to be provided post which the booking shall be deemed cancelled. 

This application can be accessed both by the Department officials as well as by the citizens which accords it the highest levels of transparency and eliminates the scope of financial irregularities. The e-booking system also facilitates citizens to compare Kalyan Mandaps in their area in terms of various services each may offer for e.g. seating capacity, air conditioning, distance from the main road/airport/railway station, etc.

CSM’s Facility Management System is enabled with the following features:

Booking Configuration: The Booking Configuration section enables the user to configure the booking details on a daily basis along with its booking timings for each schedule. In case of any new bookings received from the citizens, the system notifies the operator. This helps to add the daily booking limit for each booking type as per the call received

Allocation Status: The Allocation Status section displays the marriage halls booked with their allocation status, i.e. if allotted to any client or not.

Online Booking Pending: This displays all the requests received from the citizens registered online which is yet to be enacted by the admin user. 

Vehicle Booking: This is used to view the dates on which the vehicle is availableand book as per the no. of trips required. 

MIS Reports: The system supports audit logs for reservation amendments so that a detailed history can be maintained for all changes made against a reservation. It can also display function prospectus, function confirmation, receipts and print bills 

Online Payment: Billing features include splitting of bills, splitting of amounts, session based billing and consolidated billing for all sessions. Advances, paid-out and refunds for reservations are supported. 

The Facility Management System developed by CSM provides the digital platform for a smoother integration and delivery of citizen-centric functions spanning across mobility, common payment systems, utilities and services. Onboarding onto this platform eliminates the middleman and becomes crucial in maintaining transparency and make it easier for people to book the public utilities.

The comprehensive Facility Management System developed by CSM makes it possible for the user to block a Marriage Hall for wait listed bookings as well as for maintenance purposes. The marriage halls can be booked in advance with either confirmed or tentative status.

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