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Edvize is a CSM’s suite of education making smart and effective investments in people’s education. EdVize in Education management has been upgraded for more than 10 years of domain proficiency that includes Admission Automation, Scholarship Management, School Mapping & Training Management Information systems are end-to-end digitalized to make education more firm in the implementation of remote learning during COVID.

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Admission Automation System

A unified digital solution for seamless student admissions is one such integrated platform that ensures digital oneness through its omnichannel, digital-first, interactive student onboarding funnels to create an immersive and engaging student experience. “One Date One Form One Admission” trims costs and saves time, enables admission of statewide meritorious students while easing out the whole process for the institutes’ staff and creating a single repository of student database for future reference. This technology-anchored transformation aligns well with existing Education Policies which facilitates easy digital integration for system interoperability, scalability, and better governance.

Hassle-Free Admission
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Scholarship Management System

This is a unified one-stop portal for efficient, transparent and integrated scholarship management to benefit aspiring students. It is built to facilitate the identification of the right beneficiaries of the scholarship and seamless disbursement of financial aid to students for both state / national and private bodies. The digital platform provides easy access to students to all information and helps them in the tracking of their application status on one platform. The integrated approach to making all the scholarships available in a single university or given by a single government body to students on a common platform will not only make the discoverability of the scholarships easier, but also make the whole process transparent and fair.

Bringing in Transparency
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School Mapping System

School mapping is a GIS based system that builds geospatial databases integrated with relational databases of educational, demographic, social and economic information for schools and educational directorates to support educational planners and decision-makers. Using this data, educational planners can ensure that resources are optimally allocated and disparities in educational outcomes are overcome.

Better Decission
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School Administration Suite

The first of its kind, revolutionary school administration suite helps in monitoring and ensuring accountability and transparency in the education system. The unified ICT platform (comprising a web portal, mobile application and advanced analytical dashboard) empowers government to monitor, measure & transform education service delivery and learning outcomes. Adopted by provincial or national governments, it helps the authorities in monitoring all key parameters to ensure effective delivery of quality education to all the schools in the jurisdiction. Such a platform is instrumental for governments to sustain and scale safe, inclusive and well managed learning environments.

Seamless Management
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Training Management Information System

CSM’s Training Management Information System (TMIS) is a unified platform for data distribution, feeding the most delinquent educational training study materials and enabling online examination & tracking of their developmental goals. TMIS is essential for large educational organizations like universities, various Educational groups, and government Education departments which would seamlessly manage their training programmes facilitating the stakeholders and the beneficiaries.

Skilling The System
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