Land is one of the most important factors in local economic development today and must be managed well to improve existing land use practices, enhance livability of communities, facilitate EoDB (Ease of Doing Business) and support local community development. Insecure tenure and lack of up-to-date land records has a direct impact on financing and implementation of public infrastructure investments, impacting safety, public health, access to energy solutions and extractives, and access to markets and trade. For that the government needs to find alternatives.

There are three aspects that can ensure the best use of land for sustainable development: Land Bank; Land Acquisition and Transfer of Development Rights (TDR). Availability of sufficient land for development & all its details in an integrated land bank, seamless land acquisition process & transfer of development rights compliant to the rules & regulation of the nation are essential for a healthy ecosystem of land market & trading.

  • Land Bank- Comprehensive inventory is key for effective management of public properties and the ability to leverage them as assets. Accurate up-to-date land records enable value-based property taxes, which can contribute significantly to local government revenues and services.
  • Land Acquisition- A hassle free, fast and user friendly digital process which is compliant with the rules and regulations of the government facilitates expeditious and conflict free land acquisition. This also ensures transparency for a fair compensation, rehabilitation & resettlement.
  • Transfer of Development Rights- TDR is essential as a tool for controlling urban sprawl by concentrating development. It avoids constitutional takings issues caused by rezoning areas. The procedure offers landowners financial incentives or compensations for the conservation and maintenance of the environmental, heritage or agricultural values of their land.

The end- to- end online land bank, land acquisition & TDR process is in compliance with the land acquisition rules & regulations. The system facilitate e-sharing of all the related documents with concerned department officers. Preliminary notification issued to the stakeholders is also automated through the system. The system is capable of storing bench mark values setup by the authorized department which is further used for rehabilitation and resettlement purpose. The system also saves the reports of the social impact assessment research & survey for future reference of land acquisition by the government to avoid conflicts.

CSM’s integrated digital platform of Land Bank, Land Acquisition, and TDR facilitates the process of e-Governance for the current land acquisition process with visibility to the citizens, requestors, and officers of the development authority. Automation ensures convenience, transparency, and speed. The system has been successfully implemented for the Bhubaneswar Development Authority, Odisha.

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