In the 21st century, most mineral economies are largely driven by the joint efforts of the private miners/industry players subject to the regulations and norms set by the government.

Mineral concessions are a kind of contractual agreement which targets acquisition of rights to lands to cater to some form of mineral exploration, exploitation or conversion within a specified time period or for a specific area. Concessions are typically allocated to private entities by authorized government bodies on lands legally owned or held in trust by the state. Most of the mineral concessions can be primarily categorised into 3 major types – Grant of mining lease, Grant of composite licenses and Grant of non-exclusive reconnaissance permit. Any regrouping pivoted around type of mineral (major, minor, specified major mineral, hydrocarbon etc.), quantum or size of concession sought etc. can be usually subsumed under the three categories mentioned above.

In essence, mining concession is a broad interplay of mining ownership, lease of property or land ownership and geological administration – interspersed with vital commercial/business aspect. Needless to say but the, robustness of the enforcement and execution of any mineral concession regime can be deemed as a key evaluation rubric for the overall health of the mining industry over a long term for that region.

Given this interplay the mineral concession management is faced with rather multifaceted set of challenges, some of which are enumerated below:

  • Lack of streamlined system for ensuring transparency, co-ordination and time-bound response by the multiple entities involves in the concession lifecycle.
  • Lack of transparency in terms of grant of concession to businesses/miners
  • Lack of reliable visibility for the authorities in terms of total quantum of concessions for a region
  • Public access to accurate and timely information with regard to civil participation in concession allocation

All the above challenges add to the exiting pile of bottlenecks that are regressive to ensuring ease of doing business in the mining sector. Mineral concession grants form a frontier where the industry and governing bodies freely come in touch with each other, thereby making ease of doing business all the more essential.

The Mineral Concession automation system conceptualised and developed by CSM, these specific challenges in relation to ease of doing business in mineral concession regime has been catered to. The systems core functionalities ensue complete lifecycle management activities such as application for availing various types mineral concession, payment of applicable fees, performance guarantee, scrutiny of clearances and compliances by authorities and submission of interim and final reports to the authorities. Furthermore, the integrability of the system with other third party systems such as centralised mineral auction system or any existing mineral management/ore accounting system managed by the government makes it a lucrative value add to true digital transformation of modern day mining regulators.

With a constantly evolving mining landscape, administration of mineral concession presents a unique scope for automation for handling, tracking and monitoring of exploration, prospecting and grant of lease activities. Infusing the best ease of business practices with the core mineral concession regime, Mineral Concession Automation system is a must-have solution for governments and regulators hand

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