The ancient Egyptians were one of the first to understand the need for a pest management system for agriculture. As early as 3000 BC, they used cats to help save their grains from rats. We have come a long way since then, but pest management is as important to our agricultural safety as ever. Over the years, there have been many instances where pests (specially fungus & locusts) have laid waste to hundreds & millions of hectares of land. This has led to massive famines and migration of human populations. From the potato blight epidemic in Ireland in the 1800s to the Wheat Rust outbreak in the US in the 1950s, they have all had severe economic repercussions.

The rapid advancement in the way we cultivate our crops, to the need to practise a more intensive method of agriculture means that now, more than ever, primary producers and governments must be able to both track and predict the outbreak of pests in their farmlands. The wide area involved, the multiple types of crops and the specific disease that inflicts each of them are areas that require ICT interventions that Agri Tech provides to help find solutions.

CSM has built a platform that uses ICT to integrate Field Surveillance Data, Forecasting, Risk Assessment models and a communications platform for all stake holders. The platform is built to provide a complete solution to managing any pest surveillance and assessment process. The key modules of the platform are:

Digitization and standardization of data (collected in regional languages), central storage of surveillance data for access, analysis and action, publication and communication of field data, analysis reports & recommendations, online real-time monitoring of scale of implementation of recommendations increases the efficiency of the early warning system for crop protection.
Data Collection Module - CSM Technologies

Data Collection Module

This module provides real time information on type, severity and incidence of a specific pest. This module has built in access to various researchers, field surveillance agents and experts on pest management built in, allowing them to seamlessly upload data and retrieve them as and when required.

Data Analysis Module - CSM Technologies

Data Analysis Module

This module identifies the risk areas for specific crops and pests. The module uses AI ML to map geo tagged survey data and various other atmospheric weather data and builds predictive models represented on GIS based maps to highlight potentially vulnerable areas.

Research & Development Module - CSM Technologies

Research & Development

Monitor behaviour of certain pests and identify new & virulent strains of fungi, virus and bacteria. The data collected from the Data Collection Module can be transmitted to authorised labs for further testing and analysis. The results, when published are notified to the sample collectors and sent to the farmers and other interested stakeholders.

Advisory Communication Module - CSM Technologies

Advisory Communications

All the data and models are disseminated to the various stakeholders through this module. These are concrete recommendations on how to identify, treat and stop the further spread of diseases.

Warning & Monitoring System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Warning & Monitoring System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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