Every year, thousands of students apply for various scholarships from different segment of society. At the same time, there are a large number of eligible students who do not apply for the same scholarships due to the lack of awareness and / or the application process of the scholarship being inaccessible. 

Scholarships are a means to enable deserving students to have an education, that might otherwise be beyond their reach, to encourage them to study well and is a great way to motivate them to perform even better. 

Most universities and government have multiple scholarships across various segments. They can be scholarships for academic excellence or in various sports. There are scholarships for vocational courses as well as for performing arts. Each of these scholarships work in making the students feel empowered and financially stable.

The scholarship management system is built by CSM as a stand-alone system that can also be integrated with the other EduTech systems like Admission Management System or the School Administration System. The data that is available to the Scholarship management system can be pulled from either of the above systems. This will not only make the process simpler for the students and the administrators, but also remove various bottle necks and redundancies in the system. It also weeds out false claims and sanitises the system from duplicates and leakages. 

The system is also enabled to directly disburse the monies from the scholarship programs in the bank accounts of the students identified and also is an accurate means to measure the disbursement and accuracy of the various programs. 


The system has a well defined work flow that helps in the complete administration of the scholarship programs. The Scholarship Management system is currently being used by the Higher Education Department of the government of Odisha to hundreds of eligible students across the state. It provides the following modules:

The Scholarship management system is an integrated approach to making all the scholarships available in a single university or given by a single government body to available to students on a common platform. This will not only make the discoverability of the scholarships easier, but also make the whole process transparent and fair.
Scholarship Application Management Module - CSM Technologies

Scholarship Application Management Module

This module is the front end for all students and scholars who are interested in applying for a scholarship. The interested applicants can log into the website, check all the scholarships available under various departments or schemes that is applicable for them, and upload their application online. Once the application is uploaded, the system checks for duplication and fake registrations and post verification, an application is marked approved or rejected. The system can also send SMS & email messages to the applicant during the various stages of the application process.

Disbursement Module - CSM Technologies

Disbursement Module

This is the financial module and it can automatically / post approval, process all payments to the successful scholars who are eligible for the scholarships. The system can be directly linked to the the payment bank, state treasury for disbursement. The module can also keep track of the various scholars who are eligible to be paid, their payment cycles automatically trigger paments. The module can also be integrated with SMS email alerts.

MIS Module - CSM Technologies

MIS Module

The MIS module manages all reports that would be needed for the stakeholders. The reports can be customised to suit each stakeholders needs. The system can also provide a graphical report on a predefined basis. These includes all details of eligible scholars, their demographics and education history, the payments made, balance to be paid etc.

Intagrated Scholarship Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Intagrated Scholarship Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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