One of the keys to driving a good education system is an ability to effectively manage the running of the various functions of a school. This starts at making sure the students are attending their classes to ensuring the infrastructure is in place and working to building the right skill sets in the teaching staff. One of the biggest reasons the primary education fails is the lack of proper tracking, guidance and infrastructure that a school needs to ensure their students are not dropping out. Any system that is built without ensuring these basics are in place is bound to fail.

Built to manage every aspect of school administration, The School Administration Suite, is one of the flagship products of CSM. It was built on the principle of making sure every student who enrols in a school gets the best possible education. This is clearly demonstrated by the success of this suite with one of its biggest users, The Jharkhand Education Projects Council. A government body that manages all the government school in the state of Jharkhand in India, this suite is used to administer 50,000 Schools and 1.5 Crore students.


The system uses a web application as well as an Android App to drive outcomes. Built with a robust analytics tool, a CMS and a testing module, the School Administration Suite consists of the following modules:

Whether you are a large educational institute or a government body responsible for ensuring the government aided schools are functioning properly, this suite of products are built to make sure you are always in control of the system.
Student Attendance Module - CSM Technologies

Student Attendance Module

Provides a list of students to the respective teachers. Each teacher is assigned a list, based on their class and they can then tag each student present or absent. This module has built in alerts for absenteeism and also to enable the teachers to know which of the students have been missing classes in real time. Is tagged to the central database for quick MIS across classes and schools.

Teacher Attendance Module - CSM Technologies

Teacher Attendance Module

This GPS enabled module, ensures that the teachers are present in school. A major problem in far flung schools has been the non-reporting of teachers who are absent. This module ensures that all teachers are accounted for. This module is also linked to the Leave Management Module.

Leave Management Module - CSM Technologies

Leave Management Module

Built to ensure that scheduling is never hampered and classes are not missed, the Leave management Module can automatically track leaves of teachers and also auto assign classes to teachers who are present.

Learning Level Module - CSM Technologies

Learning Level Module

This is a test based module and it can be used by school inspectors to randomly check the learning levels of students and assign a score to each class and its respective teachers. Helps in quickly identifying classes that might be falling behind in their learning goals.

Mid Days Meal Module - CSM Technologies

Mid Day Meals Module

Specially designed to cater to the Mid Day Meal scheme in India, this module can track budgets, meals served and also the number of students who have availed this scheme.

Scheme Monitoring Module - CSM Technologies

Scheme Monitoring Module

Built to track the beneficiaries of various schemes that might be made available to students, this module can track both help in cash or kind.

Facility & Infrastructure Module - CSM Technologies

Facility & Infrastructure Module

This module helps the school and the administrative teams to have a quick access to the various facilities that are available to the students and staff. It tracks the existing facility, records any issues or faults and also sends alerts for repairs and maintenance of the said facilities.

Feedback Module - CSM Technologies

Feedback Module

Built to bring about a clear channel of communication between the school and various audits and inspections, its also liked to the Grievance Redressal Module to enable issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Grievance Redressal Module - CSM Technologies

Grievance Redressal Module

It is built to provide a ticket based system of complaints management. It has various escalation matrix that ensures both the students and teaching and support staff have a platform where they can get their issues addressed.

Automated School Administration Suite Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Automated School Administration Suite Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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