Digital experience management (DXM) is understanding how people interact with your brand online. You engage with your users better when you forge an emotional connect online, value their feedback and provide an immersive, omnichannel user experience (UX). A well-crafted DXM strategy helps you to loop in feedback from all digital channels, align them with your business objective and manage content with ease. It’s a win-win synergy where you keep the users glued to your brand and your business grows many times over with the focus on enhanced UX. 

When it comes to tourism, DXM can unlock immense value both in boosting footfalls and democratizing opportunities for all stakeholders. Today, tourists connect more on digital platforms- they shop for products, book tickets and accommodation and discover destinations online. This sticky digital engagement offers opportunities to showcase tourism products & services, build market awareness, accelerate transactions, handle on-demand requests and gauge user satisfaction & feedback. When you have a unified DXM interface, you can seamlessly provide services and manage expectations.

For the players in travel and tourism value chain, this integrated DXM has much to offer. With it, they can create customized content for the users, thus driving better engagement. Technology has made it possible to personalize content depending on the user’s online surfing habits. This is the foundational aspect of building a robust content management strategy enabled by technology. With it, you can get over irksome features like outdated content displayed on search results. Old content co-exists with newer content because of content retention requirements. This can be corrected with the use of soft delete, automated content expiry and intelligent archival tools.


Why CSM?

When today’s marketplaces are so cluttered and an average person is bombarded with an extreme amount of advertising on a daily basis, making space for oneself becomes rather difficult. Hence many have opted to differentiate themselves via Customer Experience. In short, it is what makes your value proposition attractive, it is the deciding factor whether or not a customer buys from you or a competitor.

Your company may be engaging with customers in numerous ways. Would you be able to keep track of who you’ve reached and when? Do you make a spreadsheet that lists out their names, addresses, phone numbers and their level of interest in your product? Is it really a scalable process? This is why turning to CSM’s Digital Experience Management platform can help.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS): This not only look at the content creation but embedded workflow that keeps it user-centric, platform agnostic and relevant. Portal-designed dashboards, keeps information of the past and present, segregated and updated, also serving as easy-reckoners for access-based users.
  • Asset Creation and Management: This is one of the key features of DXM. It uses AI and automation techniques, to ensure that less time is spent on searching while customizing content for a user by collaborative cataloguing and editing tools.
  • Real Time Analysis: We provide a 360-degree view into all activities from every mobile and web application user across all devices and browsers. Real-time AI-based analysis on user data assesses satisfaction, detects struggles and proactively remediates issues before they negatively affect your customers.
  • Synthetic Monitoring: Simulate, measure and compare communication channels using industry leading synthetic-monitoring to measure performance and benchmark against competitive sites from the geographies where your customers are located and emulate real user behavior.
  • User Specific Display: Intuitively identify, troubleshoot and resolve customer issues with an easy-to-use solution which captures, indexes and visually displays the complete digital experience for every user.
  • Predictive Analysis: It utilizes industry-leading Analytical tools that are driven by data generated at the user and the customers’ end to provide predictive analysis. It ensures complete normalization and validation of every data that goes in.

Getting DXM right is often the difference between the success and failure of an organization or Gov Tech initiatives. We, at CSM can manage it all.

We use DXM for: Language translation, Personalization, Content management across social accounts and channels, Gather customer, partner and influencer data, Scale your CX (Customer Experience) seamlessly across states or continents, Provide data, metrics, and analytics, Provide insight into the customer journey, Determine the ROI of your digital investments.
Digital Experience Management System DXP Digital Experience Management System DXP

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