Most modern-day governments across the world are moving towards adopting a more participatory form of governance i.e. involve citizens in the management of public institutions. It provides a bridge between ordinary citizens and public institutions in making the latter more efficient in delivering of public services. Citizen complaints and feedback mechanism is one such facet that makes the government more responsive to public needs. But the traditional system wherein a complainant visits the concerned department to file a complaint is inconvenient, time consuming and more often than not, unresponsive. A physical register is just not capable enough to handle the sheer volume of complaints generated on a daily basis. It hampers productivity, is riddled with impartiality, and inter-departmental grievances become a quagmire to trudge through.

An effective and efficient response to citizen grievances becomes an essential index of a government's performance. All government agencies should have a process for redressal of complaints that is responsive, fast and fair. Apart from a robust grievance redressal mechanism, they should also encourage citizens to give genuine feedback on the services provided, whether it was satisfactory, whether they were treated well by the departmental staff and how they think the system could be improved.

Our System offers the following modules:

  • Sources of Grievance: Grievances /feedback can be gathered from multiple channels seamlessly via a portal (primarily to be used by self or aided through call center)
  • Assigning of Action Taking Authority: Work flow can be easily designed and authorization levels can be assigned using this module
  • Responding to the Grievances: A desk operator responsible for the tagging of the grievance to the concerned department, will analyze and segregate grievances
  • Escalation, Action & Review: If the grievance is not addressed in the specified time, then it is automatically escalated to a higher authority and the status of the grievance is constantly updated as either under resolved/reopen/ under review/discarded
  • Feedback: This module is used for capturing and monitoring feedbacks from inbound and outbound calls on a robust platform. It ensures faster and easier integration with the government department having voluminous data in multiple environments.
  • MIS Reports: Data-rich reports that give an insight into the nature of grievances, their outcomes, any systemic issues that are identified, any service improvements made resulting from the grievance and many more

Grievance and Feedback Management System is highly scalable with enhanced technological support to register calls, enhance caller experience, automatic call distribution, and call recording and quality analysis. More than ever, citizens are now more aware of their rights and responsibilities of public institutions. By providing them with the platforms through which they can access the government, transparency and accountability in governance can be phenomenally enhanced.

CSM’s Grievance and Feedback Management System is an application that can be used by the administrative bodies for addressing public grievances in a state, quickly and effectively and collect feedback that gives an insight into citizen’s sentiments.
Grievance & Feedback Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies Grievance & Feedback Management System Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies

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