Data is the new oil. Refining it to make sense for the customer is what we work consistently on. Every business or government generates data in a consistent and upward trend. CSM works in the Analytics sector in understanding and putting data to use to help organizations learn about evolving opportunities, hidden threats, changing customer expectations and the competitive landscape, in context and in time to respond meaningfully and bring value.


How we work

The world is moving from data automation to data analytics. Therefore, the transition from use case analysis is progressively becoming redundant. CSM believes in automating the processes either by re-engineering the core or the process and building insights of the data generated.


CSM works to not just provide the core but also automate the workflow which is responsible for generating data and every step. Our dynamic Form-building tools, configurable admin cores help ground a business machinery for the reengineered systems to make sense. Thus we work from the point of inception of the data till the reporting mechanism to build the repository to apply the analytical tools.


It is then the work of our Data management services - master data and metadata management, data quality assurance and data security that ensure informed insights into future scenarios of a business.


CSM provides access to special and customized data analysis programs to integrate various analytic tools for catering to legacy and advanced technologies seamlessly.

Areas of Work

Analytics uses a multitude of technologies to get value from data.


Machine Learning is a section of AI that in which train the core reengineered system we develop, to pick relevant and formatted instances. We use ML technology to user experiences solutions that remembers and produces results based on history of usage. We program the solutions to listen and throw relevant data for enriched experiences.


CSM’s Sociomatic is a tool developed for Social Media Analytics for listening, gathering voices for various social media handles for our customers. Sociomatic also generates possible responses based on in-depth Sentiment Analysis that helps build an interactive platform of communication. We use Sociomatic for complaint handling in government departments from their social media feeds.


Data management & mining is used for listening through the repetitive and redundant data that runs in volumes, sort into dynamic matrices and run validations according to the need of the customer. We ensure data security through master data management systems, where important data is apportioned and accessed as per usage.


CSM uses a multitude of technologies to get value from data.

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