AID Information Management System

Mozambique is currently one of the countries with the strongest donor presence in Africa, with Official Development Assistance (ODA) financing 56 percent of government expenditure in 20082. Despite the aid received, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world and was ranked 172nd out of 182 in the 2009 Human Development Index. The national Millennium Development Goal (MDG) progress report produced in 2008 indicated that only four - viable employment, hunger, HIV prevalence, and external debt - out of 21 MDG targets are likely to be met without acceleration of efforts, while another eight have the potential to be met.

The aid management program Mozambique by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) has a strong record of independent country ownership and sustainability. This helps the government and other development partners gather, access, and monitor information on development activities, with the overarching goal of increasing aid effectiveness. 50+ aid management systems Implemented Globally Since 2022. With the aid management software, users can track specific activities through the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages. Additionally, with features such as online workspaces, data entry, and reporting, plus interactive dashboards and maps, country-level decision-makers can better track how international aid is directed throughout the country. Read more to know about the system!