Procurement is of paramount concern for the government which has to ensure that only genuine farmers benefit from it. In the current marketing year 2021-22 so far, the Centre has procured 741.62 lakh tons of paddy at the minimum support price (MSP) of Rs 1,45,358.13 crore, benefitting 105.14 lakh farmers till now (Union Food Ministry mentioned in Economics Times). The procurement problem is multifaceted and tricky to solve because of its sheer scale of operations. And unfortunately, the crop procurement problem doesn’t end with digital integration.  Accurate and timely crop analytics can enable state authorities to have end-to-end visibility into farms and farmers. Governments can combat the procurement challenge with the solution that combine technologies like GIS and satellite imagery and processing to capture ground-level data. , for identification of genuine beneficiaries and maximize the impact of interventions in the farm sector. Crop analytics can provide new possibilities in procurement by harnessing data at the hyper-local level.