A nation’s development is deeply embedded in the well-being of the farmer and farm productivity. So farmer empowerment is a priority for any government that aims to progress to greater heights. This is why there are so many initiatives, and schemes designed to double farmer’s income, secure them and their endeavours, make them tech-savvy, boost agriculture research and education, and build farm-related infrastructure for the growth of the agriculture sector and farmers’ welfare. All these efforts are made to bring sustainability in agriculture as mentioned in the SDG “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture” (SDG2) within the set of 17 SDGs in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. 

So it is crucial for the Govt’ to ensure that the benefits of all the schemes and initiatives reach the target beneficiaries- farmers. The biggest impediment to effective implementation is the identification of real farmers or beneficiaries. So Go SUGAM, a unified platform that supports an integrated decision-making process, covers all the farmers and agripreneurs to avail information and benefits of all the schemes  To know more about how it works, read the case study on it.