This Omnichannel Grievance Management System is a one-stop grievance resolution portal implemented to enhance citizen experiences offering the convenience of registering grievance from all channels- letters, calls, SMS, CM Grievance Cell, social media and consolidating it in one unified platform. This seamless system is in tune with the Government’s vision, embodying one nation, one portal for grievance management. The Janasunani Omnichannel grievance management platform implemented in Odisha fulfills this overarching mandate.

An effective and efficient response to citizen grievances becomes an essential index of a government's performance. All government agencies should have a process for redressal of complaints that is responsive, fast and fair. This robust system is designed to pull grievances from all those channels and process through one funnel to the action taking authority to reduce negligence and ensure timely redressal. This strengthens the faith and confidence of the citizen on the government and its service delivery mechanism.

To know more you can read through our use case implemented for the Janasunani in Odisha.